Master SEO with the Top 9 AI-Powered Tools Every Website Owner Needs

Searching for the top SEO software tools for AI SEO?

These are our three favorites:

  • Semrush (for every SEO requirement)
  • For all of your content needs, use Jasper AI.
  • Surfer SEO: a tool for optimizing content
  • Artificial intelligence-based SEO solutions can assist you with a variety of SEO-related tasks, such as keyword research, content generation, optimization, and much more.

This article will teach you:

  • Benefits of utilizing each of the nine artificial intelligence SEO tools
  • They charge an additional
  • Do you want to learn more? Let’s get specific now.

Top 9 AI-Powered Tools Every Website Owner Needs

1. Semrush

With more than 10 million users, Semrush stands as the most widely used SEO tool worldwide. With over 50 SEO tools at its disposal, this all-in-one platform covers keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, link building, competitive analysis, and more.

A fascinating detail of Semrush is that it supports the “AI Writing Assistant” program, which enables you to quickly and easily produce high-quality material.

semrush ai assistant

What are the benefits of using Semrush?

Researching keywords: Semrush has a massive 23 billion keyword database. You can find the most effective keywords for your industry with the aid of its keyword magic tool. It provides crucial keyword parameters like difficulty, competitiveness, CPC, search volume, and keyword intent.

On-page SEO: Semrush can assist you in locating and resolving on-page SEO problems with your content, such as long titles, absent meta descriptions, and duplicate content.

Competitor analysis: Semrush can assist you in monitoring the SEO activity of your rivals and determining any holes in their backlink and keyword portfolios. Additionally, estimating any domain’s traffic is simple.

Content marketing: Semrush can assist you with content marketing by helping you find popular subjects, learn more about your target market, and produce content that ranks. It provides useful content marketing tools, such as topic research and SEO authoring assistance.

Social media management: Semrush can assist you with social media management, including scheduling posts, monitoring your performance, and analyzing the outcomes. With their social media kit, you can produce content and share it straight to social media platforms from one location.

What is the price of Semrush?

Pro, Guru, and Business are the three price tiers that Semrush offers.

1. Small teams and novices should use the pro plan. The monthly fee is $129.95, and what’s included is:

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 10,000 results per report
  • SEO, PPC, and research tools

2. The Guru plan is intended for mid-sized and agency organizations. All the features of the Pro plan are included, and it costs $249.95 a month in addition to:

  • 15 projects
  • 1,500 keywords to track
  • 30,000 results per report
  • Looker Studio integration, Historical Data and Content Marketing tools

3. Business plans are meant for sizable organizations and agencies. All the features of the Guru plan are included, and it costs $499.95 a month in addition to:

  • 40 projects
  • 5,000 keywords to track
  • 50,000 results per report
  • Share of Voice, extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, and more

Moreover, Semrush provides a 14-day free trial.

2. SurferSEO

A strong tool that can assist you with producing and improving your content for higher search engine results is Surfer SEO.

You need a program like SurferSEO to increase your organic ranks if you’re developing websites and producing content, regardless of your niche.

You can write with AI (or write yourself) by using the Surfer Content Editor. This is how it appears:

surfer content writer

How does using SurferSEO benefit you?

These are a few compelling arguments for thinking about SurferSEO.

It’s a multipurpose tool; with only one click, you can compose, research, and optimize your blogs using the SurferSEO tool. In 20 minutes, it can produce blog posts that are perfectly optimized.

Integrations: One advantage of SurferSEO is its smooth integration with every well-known tool, such as:

  • Google Docs integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • Jasper integration

SurferSEO may be readily integrated with any of those content generation platforms to produce blog articles that are optimized for search engines.

How much does SurferSEO cost?

Four pricing tiers are available from Surfer SEO: Essential, Advanced, Max, and Enterprise.

1. The most widely used plan for users wishing to use Surfer for small websites is Essential. The monthly cost is $89 when invoiced monthly, or $69 when billed annually.

2. The ideal choice for experts and mid-sized teams looking for higher limitations is Advanced. The monthly fee is $149 if billed annually, or $179 if billed monthly.

3. Max is the most feature-rich package available without restrictions for agencies and large teams. The monthly fee is $249 if invoiced annually or $299 if billed monthly.

4. Enterprise offers larger companies with high content needs a customized experience. For a cost estimate on this unique strategy, get in touch with Surfer SEO.

3. helps you with all of those tasks, including content brief creation, article outlines, and automatic blog post generation.

One of the greatest automated SEO tools is Frase, which produces excellent content and offers tools for SEO optimization. Among the templates that Frase AI provides are

  • AI content generator
  • Introduction generator
  • Outline generator
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Blog title generator
  • Description generator
  • People also ask

This is an example of a template that creates content automatically:

frase writer

What are the benefits of using

The following are some advantages to using

Frase AI Writer: Frase provides you with an AI writing tool that automatically generates blog content that is search engine optimized. Additionally, it can be used to revise and enhance already-written text.

Your membership will include an additional $35 per month for the Pro Add-on, which will provide you with unrestricted access to their AI Writer and the capacity to produce an infinite amount of material each month.

Access to essential SEO data: You will have the ability to instantly find the monthly search volume for keywords in the Outline Builder by utilizing the “Keyword Search Volume” feature. Additionally, domain authority and backlink information for top search results will be available to you.

Optimization: Producing excellent material is insufficient. For it to properly rank well on Google, you must optimize it. To find the keywords you should utilize in your article, use Frase’s topic model.

It’s simple to compare the keywords in your content with those of your main rivals. You may also see every keyword that your rivals are employing.

How much does cost?

The three pricing tiers offered by Frase are Solo, Basic, and Enterprise.

1. Individuals and small teams should use the solo plan. It has a monthly fee of $14.99 and comes with:

  • 1 user
  • Write and optimize up to 4 articles
  • Automated content briefs
  • Shared documents
  • Content scoring
  • Project status settings

2. Small teams and independent contractors use the basic model. It has a monthly cost of $44.99 and comes with:

  • 1 user
  • 30 document credits
  • Write and optimize up to 30 articles
  • Automated content briefs

3. Teams of up to three people can use the team plan. It has a monthly cost of $114.99 and comes with:

  • 3 user seats 
  • Unlimited document credits  
  • Write and optimize unlimited articles
  • Automated content briefs


You can get assistance from Jasper, an AI writing helper, with composing blog pieces, marketing copy, social media postings, and more.

It can assist you in coming up with ideas for new material, enhancing your writing, and producing content faster. It’s particularly helpful for

  • People who are not speakers in the language
  • Website owners who are finding it difficult to find the time to produce content
  • People seeking for low-cost methods of producing content

These are a few of the templates that Jasper provides:

Jasper AI Templates

What are the benefits of using

The following are some of the main advantages of utilizing Jasper:

Improved content quality: While there are plenty of AI tools available for content creation, the majority of them are terrible. Jasper provides more than 50 copywriting templates that can assist you in producing better content by offering suggestions for grammatical, stylistic, and tonal changes.

Save more time and money: It typically takes several hours to write a 1000-word blog post. However, you can write 1000-word articles in minutes with Jasper.

Additionally, since most freelancers charge $50 or more per article, you can save a ton of money by using them. Just be sure to verify again how unique and original Jasper’s stuff is.

How much does cost?

Three pricing tiers are available for Jasper: Creator, Teams, and Business.

1. The Creator plan, which is appropriate for novices, costs $39 per month (if invoiced annually).

It provides the ensuing attributes:

  • Includes 1 seat
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • 50 Knowledge Assets
  • 50+ Templates
  • Access SEO mode
  • Use AI everywhere with a browser extension

2. A team plan costs $99 per month (if billed annually) and is suitable for teams.

It provides the ensuing attributes:

  • Everything from the Creator plan
  • Includes 3 seats
  • 3 Brand Voice
  • 150 Knowledge Assets
  • 50+ Templates
  • Documents, workflows, and collaboration tools

3. The business plan gives you personalized pricing according to the type of content you require. This plan offers the following features and is appropriate for agencies:

  • Customized pricing
  • All features from the Teams plans
  • API Access 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority support
  • White labeling

5. Outranking

Is your website or blog overflowing with content? Are you having trouble making the most of your current blog posts? Then, since Outranking AI SEO software automatically optimizes your content, you should give it a try.

This is the appearance of its keyword research tool:

As you can see, the interface is quite simple, and for each topic you choose, hundreds of relevant keyword ideas are provided.

What are the benefits of using Outranking?

The following are some advantages of using outranking AI SEO software.

Save time: By optimizing your content, such as blog posts, landing pages, other crucial website pages, etc., you can save a ton of time. The most crucial on-page SEO components can be automatically optimized utilizing AI and information gleaned from SERP analysis.

Content planning: Planning your content well is aided by outranking. Numerous keywords can be analyzed and grouped into clusters. Produce content briefs, automate internal linking, and start drafting first versions.

How much does Outranking cost?

Outranking provides three different price points.

1. SEO Writer: You pay $59 per month (when invoiced annually) for this plan, which is appropriate for independent contractors. It provides the attributes listed below.

  • 10 SEO Documents
  • Includes AI First Draft
  • AI Writing
  • Audit Existing Pages
  • Plagiarism Checker and Fixer

2. SEO Strategist: This package, which is appropriate for teams, is $99 per month (when invoiced annually). It provides the attributes listed below.

  •  15 SEO Documents
  •  Includes AI First Draft
  •  AI Writing
  •  Audit Existing Pages
  •  Plagiarism Checker and Fixer
  •  Includes 2 Additional Users
  •  Content Inventory and Content Workflow
  •  Domain Project,  Internal Link Optimization and Clustering

3. Custom plan: The cost of this plan varies based on your demands and is appropriate for agencies with unique requirements. It provides the attributes listed below.

  • Account Manager
  • Training
  • Invoicing
  • Custom Package


Do you want to automate every SEO task you perform, including technical SEO monitoring, backlink monitoring, and keyword research? Next, use the Diib SEO utility.

This is the appearance of the Diib interface:

DiiB AI SEO Software

You’ll get all the information, as you can see, on the health of the website, its rank, the positions of its keywords, mobile speed, and more.

What are the benefits of using Diib?

Diib has numerous advantages, a few of which are listed below.

Easy to get started: Diib is quite simple to use. You can utilize the tools right away after creating a free account. Diib offers a thorough evaluation of the SEO effectiveness of your website, comprising:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Backlink profile
  • Technical SEO,
  • User experience and more

Competitor Analysis: Comparing your website’s SEO performance to that of your rivals is possible using Diib. It can assist you in quickly determining everything that needs to be improved in order to rank higher in search engines such as Google.

How much does cost?

Below is a list of the two plans that Diib offers:

1. The free plan provides backlink analysis, keyword research, and other features.

2. The Pro plan has a monthly cost of $7.99 and a renewal fee of $44.99. You have unrestricted access to all of its features, which include social networking, a daily health score, website monitoring, and more.



An AI writer for SEO is called Try if you want to quickly produce SEO-friendly content.

It finds relevant keywords connected to your topic using artificial intelligence (AI) and creates optimized content that appears higher in Google search results.

What are the benefits of using

Here are a few justifications for utilizing in 2023:

Using generative artificial intelligence, is a tool for keyword research that generates more relevant keyword ideas. You can use this tool to find the keywords that your rivals are ranking for. Simple prompts are another useful tool for locating pertinent keywords in your area.

Write articles that are optimized for search engines. It also aids with AI copywriting, enabling you to swiftly produce outstanding content for your websites. Its ability to produce long-form pieces with more than 1600 words is its finest feature.

How much does cost?

These are’s pricing tiers.

1. Basic plan: Those just starting out with a tight budget should use this plan.

  • $49 per month
  • 5 auto-generated articles
  • 40 SEO Score audits
  • AI-powered keyword research
  • Unlimited AI-written words

2. Plus plan: This plan is intended for users who require more content.

  • $99 per month
  • 25 auto-generated articles
  • 100 SEO Score audits
  • AI-powered keyword research
  • Unlimited AI-written words

3. Premium plan: This is for groups and companies that need larger allocations.

  • $199 per month
  • 50 auto-generated articles
  • 200 SEO Score audits
  • AI-powered keyword research
  • Unlimited AI-written words

8. Scalenut

With Scalenut, you can optimize any content for search engines like Google with an all-in-one AI-powered SEO platform.

Nearly all content marketing tasks, including keyword research, content development, and optimization, are doable. This is how its content tool appears.


What are the benefits of using Scalenut?

The following are some advantages of utilizing Scalenut SEO software:

Content Optimizer: It provides a sophisticated optimization tool to make all of your material simply optimized. Obtain a thorough SEO score and recommendations to raise your Google ranks.

All-in-one SEO platform: Scalenut offers every AI SEO tool required for content planning, creation, research, optimization, and publication. Their solutions let you create automatic content, find keywords that will help you rank rapidly, and improve both new and old SEO content.

How much does Scalenut cost?

The following three price tiers are available from Scalanut AI.

1. The Essential Plan is ideal for consultants and independent artists. It has the following features and costs $20 a month.

  • 100,000 AI Words
  • Create SEO Articles (10 Articles/mo)
  • Weekly Trends Digest
  • 40+ AI Templates

2. Growth plans are ideal for independent contractors and startups. It has the following features and costs $40 a month.

  • Create SEO Articles (60 articles per month)
  • Plan, Research, Write, and Optimize with Cruise Mode
  • Analyze Web Pages (400 Pages/mo)
  • Build Keyword Clusters (60 Clusters/mo)
  • Audit and Optimize Pages (60 Pages/mo)

3. The Pro Plan is ideal for companies and organizations. It has the following features and costs $75 a month.

  • Create SEO Articles (150 Articles/mo)
  • Plan, Research, Write, and Optimize with Cruise Mode
  • Analyze Web Pages (1000 Pages/mo)
  • Build Keyword Clusters (150 Clusters/mo)
  • Audit & Optimize Pages (150 Pages/mo)

Additionally, it provides a personalized plan that allows for customized consumption and seats. For additional information, get in contact with their support team. The cost is determined by your consumption.

9. Pictory

One of the strongest strategies for developing and expanding an internet following is video marketing. However, making stunning videos is not simple.

This is where Pictory comes in handy because it makes it simple to create captivating videos using AI. In minutes, you can produce polished videos using your voice or an artificial intelligence voice.

This is how its interface appears.


What are the benefits of using Pictory?

Pictory provides the following principal advantages:

Outstanding features: Pictory has a ton of tools that will make creating videos easier for you. Among its noteworthy characteristics are:

  • Script to Video
  • Blog to Video
  • Edit Video Using Text
  • Create Video Highlights
  • Auto Caption Videos
  • Auto Summarize Long Videos

Video creation made easy: Pictory makes it simple to create videos by allowing you to auto-add captions, script your YouTube films, and convert blog entries into videos.

Pictory saves a ton of time on video creation by using the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology to automatically make videos from your scripts.

How much does Pictory cost?

Pictory provides the three price tiers listed below.

1. Those who are new to AI video should start with the standard plan. You can get the following features for $19 a month.

  • 1 User Per Account
  • 30 videos per month
  • Text-to-video projects of up to 10 min in length
  • 10 hrs of video transcription/month
  • Edit existing video recordings up to 1 hr long
  • 3 Branded Templates you can customize and save
  • 5,000 music tracks
  • 34 text-to-speech AI voices

2. Professional video creators are the ideal candidates for the premium plan. You can get the following features for $39 a month.

  • 1 User Per Account
  • 60 videos per month
  • Text-to-video projects of up to 20 minutes in length
  • 20 hrs of video transcription/month
  • Edit existing video recordings up to 3 hours long
  • 10 Branded Templates you can customize and save
  • 10,000 music tracks
  • 60 text-to-speech AI voices
  • Automatic voice-over synchronization

3. Professionals and teams looking to produce a lot of videos can benefit from using the team plan. With this package, which only costs $99 a month, you can obtain the following features.

  • 3 Users Per Account
  • 90 videos per month
  • Text-to-video projects of up to 30 min in length
  • 20 Branded Templates you can customize and save
  • 15,000 music tracks
  • Sharing & Collaboration Features

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Final Thoughts

Websites looking to increase their search traffic may find that AI tools for SEO are very beneficial.

Additionally, they may save you a ton of time and money on a variety of tasks, including as optimization, content production, and keyword research.

What do you think about the artificial intelligence SEO technologies that are discussed here? Do you have inquiries? Tell us in the comments below.


The following are some common inquiries regarding automated SEO tools.

What is AI SEO?

In order to rank effectively in search engines like Google, artificial intelligence (AI) SEO entails employing AI technologies to research keywords, develop content, optimize your pages, etc.

How can AI tools help with SEO?

AI tools can assist you with optimization, content generation automation, keyword research, and more.

What are the benefits of using AI SEO tools?

You can save more time and money on content marketing duties by using AI SEO solutions. They can produce content fast, give real-time analytics, and optimize any page for Google.

How to choose the right AI SEO tool?

Not every SEO tool is made equally. Thus, it’s crucial to take your budget into account. AI SEO technologies can cost hundreds of dollars a month or nothing at all. Consider your website’s SEO requirements as well. Which qualities are most significant to you? You can choose that tool based on that.

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