WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.75.0 Free Download

Free Download of WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.75.0: ValvePress is the developer of the premium WordPress content scraping plugin, WP Automatic Plugin. It may be used to automatically post content to your WordPress website from a number of sources. This plugin is available for purchase on the Codecanyon marketplace. More than 34,500 copies have been sold so far. This plugin will be very beneficial to bloggers, small businesses, and anyone else who wants to automatically update their website with new information.

The WordPress Automatic Plugin can also be used to generate powerful and successful content by integrating OpenAI GPT-3. Furthermore, you can use this plugin’s advanced functionality to edit the content that was imported from OpenAI GPT-3. To integrate with OpenAI, just grab the API key from your OpenAI account and enter it on the WordPress Automatic plugin’s settings page.

This plugin allows you to connect to Amazon and import and advertise products on your website without the need to physically copy and paste product information. It is capable of automatically compiling a wide range of product data, such as images, prices, and descriptions. You won’t even need to set up affiliate links because the plugin will take care of that automatically. The WordPress Automatic Plugin also automatically tracks and updates the daily prices of Amazon’s products.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-automatic-plugin/1904470

The WordPress Automatic Plugin may also import content from many social networking sites. If you would like, this plugin can automatically show your social networking activity on your WordPress website. It’s easy to put up a campaign that will automatically pull in changes from your social network accounts—pictures, text, and videos—for your WordPress website.

All things considered, the ValvePress WP Automatic Plugin is a powerful tool for publishing content to your website automatically.

Key Features of WordPress Automate Plugin

  • Post content automatically from various sources
  • Allow customizing the layout of imported content
  • Option to add keywords to imported content
  • Post-scheduling: to keep your website updated with fresh content even when you’re not available
  • Option to skip non-English posts
  • Option to skip duplicate title
  • Allow importing content from Amazon
  • Can automatically add affiliate links to Amazon products
  • You can add Clickbank products with your affiliate links automatically
  • Auto-post videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily motion platforms
  • Auto-post content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit
  • Custom post-type support
  • Search and replace the content
  • The best spinner integration is to spin the content before posting
  • OpenAI support
  • Easy-to-use plugin interface
  • Update frequency setting
  • Translation support
  • Allow choosing custom posting time
  • Advanced content filtering option

WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.75.0

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What’s new in the WordPress Automate Plugin v3.75.0?

  • NEW: The plugin will now alternate between various OpenAI API keys that you have added.
  • NEW: You can now remove @user from the post content on Tiktok.
  • NEW: You can now remove the music used in a post from Tiktok.
  • With the addition of a tutorial, Feeds/Multi-Scraper can now extract a particular section before or after another text.
  • NEW: The ability to deactivate and reactivate specific campaigns in bulk.
  • Fix: The created title’s music has been removed by Tiktok.
  • Fix: To accommodate the latest modifications, the method used to extract prices from Amazon was modified.
  • Resolved: a critical error occurred during the loading of the “all campaigns” page.
  • Fix: An update was made to the campaign processing algorithm to address the memory limit issue that occurred when there were too many campaigns.
  • Enhanced: The algorithm for extracting categories from feeds and multiscrapers has been refined to identify cats within a tag span.
  • Enhanced: Currently, feeds and multi-scraper articles from particular URLs automatically populate the visual selector’s initial link.

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