OptinMonster Review (2024): Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

OptinMonster Review: Are you trying to find the most effective approach to grow your email list and improve conversions?

Obtaining and turning into high-quality leads is arguably one of the most challenging tasks in digital marketing.

Visitors to your website must be drawn in, and you must then gently nurture your leads in a way that benefits them. Using email opt-in forms is an excellent strategy. On the other hand, poorly executed marketing initiatives might come across as obtrusive and unprofessional.

The greatest solution for lead generation and conversion optimization that may assist you with these issues is OptinMonster, which we shall examine in this review.

We’ll examine how it can raise brand awareness, enhance conversion, and help you get more visitors to your website overall.

We’ve made a table of contents because this is a thorough review to make it easier for you to navigate the page.

Quick Overview of OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the most effective lead creation tool on the market. It includes everything you need to create qualified leads and turn them into sales.

OptinMonster was founded in 2013 and now has over 1.2 million active installs. It has helped several firms, including McAfee, American Express, Pinterest, and Tripadvisor, better utilize their resources and grow into the powerhouses they are today.

In a nutshell, OptinMonster can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Turn visitors into customers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Keep people on your site longer
  • Increase conversion 
  • Make site visits fun and informative 

Why Use OptinMonster on Your Website?

OptinMonster includes powerful tools that combine psychological and visual sales strategies. It focuses on the criteria that must be met when seeking for quality leads.

Timing: Timing is essential in lead generating. You must act quickly while interest rates are high. OptinMonster allows you to display the relevant message at the right moment. For example, it allows you to send messages just before a visitor leaves your site or after they have spent a specific amount of time on your page, assuring interaction at the most appropriate time.

Targeting: OptinMonster can help you segment your email list based on a variety of criteria, including age and behavior. To boost conversion, first-time and repeat visitors can receive separate marketing. Repeat customers can also benefit from a separate sales funnel to urge them to make another purchase, improving your chances of earning transactions throughout your audience.

Trust: Trusted brands typically generate more revenue and leads. They provide openness and credibility, so customers require less convincing. Trustworthiness begins with the appearance of your website and opt-in forms. OptinMonster allows you to develop visually appealing forms that show your site visitors that you care about your brand and consumers, increasing the likelihood that they will offer their information or make a purchase.

Consistency: It is fairly usual not to make a sale on the first contact. Your potential consumers may require a little more convincing. Consistency does not imply harassing them with pop-ups and emails. It entails consistently nudging them in the proper direction so that they may make an informed decision, resulting in a satisfied consumer. OptinMonster accomplishes this by providing smart triggers based on a variety of parameters that display campaigns tailored to the individual user. This ensures that your site visitors recognize the importance of the content shown, resulting in improved lead generation and conversion.

Now you know why OptinMonster stands out among other tools. This tool claims to be beginner-friendly, so let’s take a look at whether this plugin is easy to use or not.

How to Use OptinMonster?

To use OptinMonster, please create an account. Then, OptinMonster allows you to install their WordPress plugin just like any other plugin. The technique is straightforward.

When activated, a setup wizard will begin automatically. This allows you to connect and setup the plugin with your OptinMonster account.

You should have no trouble configuring the plugin on your site. If you need help installing OptinMonster, see this instructions.

You can now start developing campaigns simply from your WordPress dashboard.

OptinMonster stands noteworthy due to its adaptability. One way it exhibits this is through its capacity to build a variety of campaigns, including:

  • Lightbox Popup 
  • Floating Bar
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  • Inline Forms
  • Slide-In Scroll Box
  • Gamified Wheel

In addition, OptinMonster has more than 100 templates. Each of these templates can be further tweaked to provide your target audience with a genuinely personalized experience.

After choosing an OptinMonster campaign type and template, you may personalize its elements using a fully responsive, feature-rich, and adaptable drag-and-drop visual builder.

You may drag and drop any of the design elements on the left into the preview window on the right, and they will look exactly as you have placed them on the live page.

Furthermore, all of these specialized parts are fully configurable, which means that even after you’ve placed them, you can change the font, color, size, and other properties.


OptinMonster strives to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by responding proactively to actions done by visitors to your website. As a result, you can use triggers to construct Display Rules that are specific to each campaign you design.

To put it simply, you may configure triggers to display a certain campaign when a visitor does an action that activates it.

The triggers can be based on

  • Location
  • Device
  • Page
  • Scroll percentage 
  • Site exiting
  • Number of site visits
  • Recurring visitor
  • Cart abandonment
  • And so on

To create your Display Rules, first define the conditions that will activate the campaign activity.


After you’ve specified the requirements, you’ll need to specify the actions that the plugin will execute when those conditions are met.


After you’ve specified the conditions and actions, you should have a trigger similar to the one seen in the screenshot below.

This condition-action trigger mechanism ensures that you may use display rules to develop highly targeted ads with higher conversion rates.


However, a template may not always suffice, particularly if you are not a marketing specialist. That is why OptinMonster offers pre-configured playbooks from some of the most successful businesses.

They even disclose the name of the company on which the playbook is based. This allows you to begin employing a tried-and-true method without having to learn anything new and implement what has previously worked for others.


To provide the best user experience and make the most of your email list, OptinMonster integrates with Google Analytics, email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact and AWeber, CRMs, and other marketing tools.

The integration process is simple, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your campaigns by using technologies you already know and trust.


As you can see, OptinMonster is simple to set up and even easier to use. Now, let’s look at how OptinMonster can help you expand your business.

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What Can You Do With OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is by far the most effective lead generation and conversation rate optimization tool. This tool may be used by any site owner or digital marketer to increase the success and growth of their website. Here’s how OptinMonster can help.

Get Quality Leads

OptinMonster’s spectacular campaigns allow you to target people at the correct time and place. This increases the likelihood that they will sign up for your newsletter or marketing emails.

You can target users based on how long they spent on your site or how far they went down the page. This way, you’ll know they’re interested in your content.

If you are catering to a specific location or country, you can also target users based on their physical location.


Using these targeting choices will likely result in better prospects who are worth contacting via email.

Furthermore, OptinMonster provides a function called TruLead, which helps you generate quality leads by guaranteeing that the consumer submits accurate information. It allows you to filter garbage and keep it in a reject list for 30 days.

During this period, you can go over the list and find any emails that TruLead may have sent there by mistake.


This tool allows you to filter and delete emails that contain domain names, certain IP addresses, strings, and characters, preventing free and temporary emails from being added to your list.

This saves you time from manually sifting through emails and attempting to identify genuine persons, allowing you to focus on quality prospects.

Manage leads easily with Monster Leads

When someone subscribes to your email list, their information is automatically added to Monster Leads, which you can view through your WordPress admin.

Monster Leads ensures that you capitalize on every new lead. In fact, you may set up an alert for each lead you receive, allowing you to rapidly respond to the new subscriber.

Fast and personal connection with new email subscribers frequently results in a better customer experience and conversion rate.

Monster Leads also provides specific information about each customer, including name, phone number, email, method of subscription, IP address, and so on.


You can also use tags to categorize your audience based on certain parameters. This allows you to add new leads to several contact lists. For example, if a person subscribes to your newsletter, you may tag them with ‘newsletter’ and only send them newsletter-related emails.


If someone signs up for a price drop alert, you may tag them properly to ensure they only receive price drop email alerts.

These automation tools save admin time while also helping you better understand your new lead, allowing you to send them more targeted information and offers.

Retarget Users with New Campaigns

OptinMonster’s clever technology detects how users engage with offers and information on your website. This functionality enables you to send several but individualized campaigns.

You can also send the same offer with different phrasing or campaign types to see whether your visitors respond better.

For example, for repeat visitors, you can display different campaigns than the last time they visited your site. This keeps the conversation interesting and shows the visitor that you have more to offer each time they visit your website.


For new visitors, timed or scroll opt-in promotions may be most effective. You can present coupons, deals, and related content immediately before they leave your site or after they have scrolled a particular percentage of the page to encourage them to make a purchase or provide their information.

Embed Campaigns That Open on Click

OptinMonster allows you to embed your campaigns anywhere you want, including a website, post, and sidebar. You can also display your campaigns as lightbox popups, inline forms, slide-ins, sidebar forms, floating bars, and more.

One of the finest display alternatives is to prompt the user to start the campaign upon click. This employs a psychological phenomena known as the Zeigarnik Effect. It states that starting a process increases the likelihood that it will be completed.

Furthermore, the Zeigarnik Effect indicates that people are more likely to recall something they did not complete than something they did. So, if you think about it, this is a win-win situation for you.

If they start and finish the procedure, you’ll have a new subscriber. If not, people are likely to recall your brand.

You can accomplish this on your website with OptinMonster’s MonsterLink.


It converts any link or image into a two-step optin process. When they click the link or image, a popup requesting them to subscribe appears quickly, increasing the likelihood that they will enter their email address, so initiating the process.

You may just copy and paste the MonsterLink onto any text, button, or picture.

Unlike most form plugins, your visitors are not need to navigate to another page to begin the subscription process, which frequently leads to visitor drop-off.


When a user clicks on it, OptinMonster launches the campaign you created.

There is also a Share Link feature. This allows you to share your campaign URL via email and social media. So you are not confined to sharing our campaigns alone on your website.


When clicked, visitors will be directed to a standalone optin page with campaign information.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Aside from visitors leaving during subscription, many eCommerce site owners deal with cart abandonment.

There are various reasons why visitors abandon their carts, the majority of which are beyond your control as a site owner. What you can do, however, is gently nudge the visitor in the direction of the cart.

OptinMonster includes built-in Exit-Intent® technology to assist reduce cart abandonment.


Maybe your site visitor is unsure about the goods, needs more convincing, or wants a cheaper option; you can use the exit-intent form to deal with such scenarios more effectively and automatically.

For example, your Exit-Intent popup campaign could include an option to provide them with a discount that will reduce the price of the product. It may link them to similar products, giving them more options to consider.

It may refer them to support, where they could speak with a real person for a better possibility of conversion.


OptinMonster also has particular display rules for eCommerce websites. The rules cover Easy Digital Downloads, Woo, BigCommerce, Shopify, and other platforms.


For example, you can target customers based on the contents of their shopping cart, whether they are seeing a certain product, and the total amount in their cart.

You can then nurture this lead through email retargeting by providing targeted offers, promotions, and engaging or instructive content.

Another strategy for reducing cart abandonment is to redirect your visitors to a cart abandonment-specific page utilizing an OptinMonster lightbox popup.

Here, you can offer them discounts, special deals, and a strong call to action to return to their cart. It’s a more direct, in-your-face technique that will get their attention.

Countdown timers can also generate a sense of urgency by indicating that the displayed deal is only accessible for a short time.


Finally, OptinMonster can help you better embrace the ABC Sales philosophy of “Always Be Closing.” Use opt-in campaigns to cross-promote or upsell your offerings. Such approaches can encourage your visitors to buy more or higher-priced things, boosting your bottom line.

Increase brand awareness

With your numbers and conversion rate up, the final step in properly utilizing OptinMonster is to boost brand recognition.

A full-screen welcome gate or mat can help you capture a visitor’s full attention from the moment they land on your page. Before distractions get in the way or they decide to depart, the welcome mat can show the following:

  • New products 
  • Set expectations
  • Highlight your best content
  • Ask them to subscribe
  • Targeted coupons
  • And more

This manner, even if visitors leave the site without taking any action, you will have presented and transmitted critical information to them.


You can also use visual effects and audio to make the advertisements more brand-appropriate.

MonsterEffects facilitates the creation of enjoyable and engaging visual effects. These graphic enhancements can make your website more unique and attract more subscribers.

You can also use MonsterSound, which allows you to add sound effects to your website. OptinMonster provides a variety of MonsterSound effects that can be utilized to attract attention and make your website interesting.


Sound and pictures work hand in hand to help people remember something.

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Test campaigns to increase conversions.

Split testing and analysis can help you boost your numbers, improve your conversion rates, and discover your brand voice.

OptinMonster allows you to run split tests on nearly anything. For example, run two identical campaigns with only the image changed to determine which performs better.

Run similar advertisements, one as a popup and the other as a slide-in, to discover which your audience likes.


The best thing is that OptinMonster provides very complete and specified A/B testing reports, allowing you to conduct a more thorough study.

Testing allows you to discover what works best for your audience, lower customer acquisition expenses, and improve customer experience.

OptinMonster allows you to monitor metrics for each campaign you create, including conversion rates, page views, and more.

This is available straight in your WordPress dashboard. You can determine which types of campaigns your audience responds to best.

Increase Engagement with Gamified Campaigns.

Gamification is another fascinating element of OptinMonster. It enables you to incorporate game-like features into your marketing approach, resulting in a more enjoyable and participatory experience for your audience.


The “Spin-to-Win” wheel feature is an effective approach to integrate gamification with OptinMonster.

This interactive element makes lead generation a fun game by encouraging visitors to participate and offer contact information in exchange for prizes.


This gamification tool allows you to increase credibility by incorporating social proof via trust badges, which also drives conversions and sales.

Increase website traffic

OptinMonster is a fantastic tool for increasing your traffic by converting people into subscribers or buyers.

A huge subscriber base may assist drive quality visitors to your website. Optin campaigns allow you to communicate with first-time visitors more effectively, leading to subscriptions or repeat visits.


However, rather than asking your audience to subscribe, you can utilize such optin campaigns to route them to certain pages. This allows them to browse more material and stay on your site longer, increasing session time immediately.

Furthermore, because the number of pages visited and the length of time someone spends on your site are key SEO ranking considerations, this could boost your SERPs, resulting in consistent traffic growth.

Monetize your content

One of the best methods to monetise your site, particularly for bloggers, is to provide gated material. You can enclose premium content, news, and guest posts behind a paywall or subscription gate.

OptinMonster includes a feature called content locker, which allows you to expose only a portion of the content to your visitors. Then you can ask them to subscribe or provide their information before they can see the rest of your content.


OptinMonster allows you to utilize a content locker to give highly targeted material that is both relevant and informative to your visitors. The intrigue and exclusivity surrounding your content can help make your site memorable, leading to return visits.

Most crucially, they will leave you with their contact information, allowing you to send them emails to bring them back to your site.

With that, you can see how simple and convenient it is to use OptinMonster to boost your site traffic, conversions, and branding.

OptinMonster Support & Documentation

Live Chat is OptinMonster’s major means of customer service.

Live Chat is the most effective live customer assistance option. It makes it easier to receive support because it allows OptinMonster to submit files and screenshots, providing a more effective solution to the problem you’re having.

The Live Chat icon should be located in the bottom right corner of each OptinMonster page. This enables you to communicate one-on-one with their support team in real time.

They frequently answer within a few minutes with a detailed response, including extra link resources and screenshots as needed.

You can also contact OptinMonster via their contact form. The form is short and requires only your name, website, email, topic, and message.


In addition, you can review their documentation. They have organized all of the articles by topic in a tabbed format. All tab subjects have an exact number of articles you can utilize to educate yourself on the issue you’re having trouble with.


When you click on a tab, you will be sent to a new page with a collection of articles organized for easy choosing.

OptinMonster Pricing


OptinMonster offers four professional programs that are invoiced annually. The basic plan starts at $9 a month and can be used on a single site.

Other features to expect from the OptinMonster basic bundle include:

  • Unlimited campaigns 
  • Subscriber management 
  • List segmentation 
  • Conditional redirects 
  • Basic integration

The Growth plan is OptinMonster’s largest plan, beginning at $49 per month. You can use this package on up to five sites. You will have access to sophisticated features such as:

  • Coupon wheel campaigns 
  • Smart success views
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Onsite retargeting 

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, OptinMonster provides a 14-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Conclusion: OptinMonster

With a wealth of capabilities to boost your marketing endeavors, OptinMonster is the greatest WordPress plugin for lead generation and conversion optimization.

It is excellent at timing and audience targeting, making sure that the people and times that matter most receive your communications.

Through aesthetically pleasing forms that improve consistency and trust, OptinMonster directs visitors to become excellent leads and, ultimately, devoted clients.

You may further optimize your marketing efforts using the plugin’s revolutionary gamification elements, A/B testing capabilities, and integration possibilities.

Cart abandonment is a typical and tiresome problem that OptinMonster solves, giving you the ability to efficiently nurture leads and lower bounce rates.

Its affordability allows individuals, bloggers, and small enterprises to have access to robust lead generation options for website development.

You may optimize your website’s performance, boost conversions, and improve your brand’s visibility by taking use of OptinMonster’s advantages, features, and tactics.

We hope you liked learning about the many reasons OptinMonster is a potent lead-generation plugin. Let’s examine frequently asked questions next.

FAQs for OptinMonster

Is OptinMonster any good?

Yes, OptinMonster is an extremely successful and user-friendly solution for increasing lead generation and conversion rates. It includes customized and visually appealing opt-in forms, exit-intent technologies, A/B testing, and connectivity with key email marketing platforms.

What is an Optin campaign?

An opt-in campaign allows businesses to ask customers if they wish to receive emails or updates. People must answer “yes” by signing up or checking a box. This assures that everyone who receives the emails wants them, and it respects their preferences and privacy.

Is OptinMonster the same as Mailchimp?

No, OptinMonster is a tool for generating leads and optimizing conversion rates. Mailchimp serves largely as an email marketing tool. It enables users to design and send email campaigns, newsletters, and marketing messages to their subscribers.

Is OptinMonster free to use?

OptinMonster is a premium plugin. There is a 14-day free trial period.

What is the purpose of OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is intended to help you grow your email list and enhance website conversions.

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