ExactMetrics Review 2024: Is it the Best Analytics Tool for You?

Are you looking for a strong yet user-friendly Google Analytics plugin? Do you want to discover whether ExactMetrics is the correct analytics tool for your website?

ExactMetrics is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins for WordPress websites. It is jam-packed with capabilities that will allow you to connect with Google Analytics and track your website visitors.

As the name implies, it provides you with precise measurements that allow you to make the best decisions for your website.

In this ExactMetrics review, we’ll look over the company’s features, pricing, and other offerings.

Let’s get started.

About ExactMetrics

About ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics (formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress) is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate your WordPress site with Google Analytics.

It only takes a few clicks. There’s no need to employ a skilled developer or alter any code. This means you won’t have to manually enter your Google Analytics tracking code to link your website.

So, even if you’re a novice with no experience, ExactMetrics makes it simple to sync your website and begin collecting the data you need to grow your business.

You can simply access all of your Google Analytics reports and analytical data from within your WordPress dashboard. You’ll never have to leave your site or use numerous apps to access analytics.

ExactMetrics provides a free version that may be installed on your website to get started with the plugin. To gain access to sophisticated analytics tools such as engagement tracking, eCommerce reports, form conversions, and more, you must first upgrade to a professional subscription.

This is only a basic introduction to the ExactMetrics plugin. In the following part, we’ll go over each feature to discover what the plugin has to offer.

ExactMetrics’ Features

ExactMetrics is loaded with useful features that allow you to easily set up precise tracking from Google Analytics on your WordPress site. Let’s go over the features in depth.

1. Simple to set up and link Google Analytics.

When you install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site, a simple setup process will appear.


Clicking the button will start the easy setup tutorial, which will walk you through connecting your ExactMetrics account step-by-step. With just a few clicks, you can also integrate your Google Analytics property.


You can stop worrying about inserting your Google Analytics tracking code on your website when you use ExactMetrics. You don’t even need to touch a line of code to connect your website if you just follow the simple instructions.

2. Link GA3 and GA4 for Dual Analytics Tracking

With the help of ExactMetrics’ dual tracking capability, you can easily incorporate both GA3 and GA4 characteristics into your WordPress website.


The most recent version of the Google Analytics platform is called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Numerous new capabilities are available, including the ability to create funnel reports and track events automatically.

Nevertheless, the new UI is less intuitive to use. It will therefore be challenging for novices who are not accustomed to handling sophisticated reports to use the GA4 interface.

Additionally, it is devoid of several GA3 capabilities, such as the top landing sites report, Google Search Console connectivity, form submission monitoring, and bounce rate metrics.

For this reason, ExactMetrics gives you the ability to activate your site’s dual tracking feature.


This allows you to continue using the data from Universal Analytics and adds more GA4 data to your WordPress dashboard.

3. Configure Features for Advanced Tracking

ExactMetrics allows you to set up many advanced tracking options for your website in addition to Google Analytics. A number of features are included to assist you in tracking website traffic and obtaining precise reports for every feature.

You’ll benefit from a number of sophisticated tracking choices while utilizing ExactMetrics, including:

eCommerce Monitoring

You can quickly monitor the performance of your eCommerce store using ExactMetrics. Within your WordPress admin panel, you will receive insights about user behavior and top-selling products once you have configured the eCommerce tracking tool.


Additionally, ExactMetrics enables you to link with well-known eCommerce plugins like MemberPress and WooCommerce to view conversion data and insights.


Affiliate Link & Ads Tracking

You can set up ExactMetrics’ affiliate link and ad tracking tool if you’d want a simple way to manage your affiliate links. It enables you to determine which advertisements and affiliate links on your website are generating the most income.


Tracking Form Conversion

With the help of the form tracking addon from ExactMetrics, you can track WordPress form submissions automatically. In addition to conversion and abandonment rates, you can view overall performance for lead, contact, and registration forms.


Other advanced tracking features include:

  • SEO and Keyword Tracking: Integrate with the Yoast SEO plugin to track your search engine results rankings. This tool allows you to simply track your emphasis keywords and optimize your content.
  • Custom Event Tracking: To track custom events on your WordPress site, you’ll need to hire a developer or manually enter custom tracking codes. ExactMetrics automates custom event tracking with a single shortcode, saving you time and effort.
  • File Download Tracking: Turn on event tracking for file downloads on your website. This allows you to view which files are downloaded on each page, as well as the nation and other relevant information. ExactMetrics now allows you to interact with Easy Digital Downloads, a popular file download tool.
  • Google Analytics For AMP: ExactMetrics allows you to set up AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) tracking for your website. It allows you to keep track of visitors as they go between your AMP and non-AMP pages.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard

One of the best advantages to utilize ExactMetrics is that you’ll have access to all of your Google Analytics reports and metrics directly from your WordPress admin panel.

For newcomers, browsing the Google Analytics interface can be difficult. With so much data and statistics available, it can be difficult to make the best business decisions.

ExactMetrics comes to the rescue! It integrates all of the crucial information and insights from Google Analytics into your WordPress admin dashboard.

All of the reports are nicely sorted and formatted, so you won’t lose time hunting for the information you need.


When you log into your WordPress site, the first thing you see are your Google Analytics statistics. With the exact metrics right in front of you, you won’t miss any changes in your website traffic.

Furthermore, you can view both your universal and historical analytics data in one location, which is really useful.

5. Real-time Statistics and Customized Reports

ExactMetric provides a real-time reporting system that allows you to view online users and their information from a single dashboard.

Aside from Search Console reports, ExactMetrics provides thorough information on important statistics such as popular authors, categories, tags, SEO scores, and more. This helps you understand visitor behavior and improve your content to increase conversions.

This analytics tool provides you with additional insights into your visitors’ demographics. It allows you to assess your audience using data such as country, interest, device preference, browser, age, gender, and much more.


6. Get New Partnership Opportunities.

Another useful ExactMetrics tool is Top Referrals reporting. This allows you to obtain information about all of the referral websites that link to your items and brands.

This is an excellent chance for businesses to boost website traffic and sales revenue. These statistics are valuable for finding and establishing new collaborations with your referral sites.


7. Share analytical reports.

ExactMetrics allows you to not only monitor analytical numbers on your WordPress site, but also share them with others. And none of this requires you to share access to your Google account.

Let’s look at some of the simplest ways to share your analytics data with ExactMetrics.

Email summaries:

Want to examine your traffic statistics and reports without going into your Google Analytics account? If the answer is yes, ExactMetrics provides the perfect feature for you.

All you have to do is enable Email Summaries, and the plugin will provide your weekly analysis results directly to your mailbox. This manner, you can keep on schedule with your marketing campaigns.

Export PDF Reports:

The next option is to export your reports as PDF files. ExactMetrics allows you to easily share your traffic reports with others by downloading all of the data as a PDF file. Then you can save these files for future analysis or share them with a teammate.


8. Make your website EU-compliant (GDPR)

If your website receives visits from Europe, you must guarantee that your analytics are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

GDPR requires that you obtain your visitors’ agreement before tracking their information on your website. Noncompliance with the rules and regulations can result in severe penalties of up to €20 million, or 4% of annual income.

For this reason, ExactMetrics includes the EU Compliance plugin, which assures that your Google Analytics integration follows GDPR guidelines.


How does ExactMetrics stay ahead of the competition?

ExactMetrics is a robust application that enables various sorts of websites to examine analytics reports easily.

There are various analytics plugins in the WordPress library, but few compare to what ExactMetrics has to offer.

After comparing it to all of the major Google Analytics plugins, we identified the following advantages:

1. Beginner-friendly.

The user interface is the most significant component determining the success of any WordPress plugin. An easy-to-navigate interface is critical for providing a pleasant user experience to all types of users.

ExactMetrics’ one-click setup procedure allows you to integrate your site with Google Analytics. Furthermore, the dashboard is simple to use and allows you to quickly discover what you need.

2. All statistics and reports in one place.

Data is the most valuable asset in any firm. That is why you will require Google Analytics regardless of the type of website you own.

Whether you run an eCommerce business or a professional blog, you need website traffic analytics to better understand your consumers and readership.

ExactMetrics provides all of the Google Analytics tracking and custom event tracking capabilities. All of your statistics and custom reports are organized into manageable tabs so you can simply access them.

3. The oldest Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

ExactMetrics was previously known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.

With over a million active installations, it is one of the most popular and reliable analytics plugins for WordPress. The plugin is also developed using best practices, so you won’t have to worry about your site’s speed and performance.

4. Suitable for any website size and budget.

ExactMetrics is useful for analyzing data and increasing conversion rates on any sort of website.

Depending on the functionality you require, such as eCommerce monitoring, AMP tracking, and form tracking, you can select a pro package for your site.

Even if you don’t have enough money to pay for a premium plan, you can use the free version. ExactMetrics Lite is free to download from the WordPress source.

5. Do more than just track data

ExactMetrics provides a variety of unique tools to help you optimize the performance of your website.

Let us take a look at some of these features:

  • Headline Analyzer: Built-in tool that helps you generate appealing and SEO-friendly headlines for your website’s content.
  • Scroll Depth Tracking: Determine where your visitors lose interest in your site.
  • Site Speed Report: Site Speed Report Track your site’s speed and performance without leaving the WordPress interface.
  • Display popular posts: Display the greatest content in the viewable portions of your site.
  • Google Optimize: Google Optimize integration for A/B testing.
  • One-click integration with popular tools and plugins: Gain insights from plugins like WooCommerce, WPForms, MemberPress, and more.

ExactMetrics provides customer support and documentation.

ExactMetrics offers one of the greatest support teams, and they reply to customer issues quickly. It provides a ticket mechanism for responding to support questions based on the customer’s plan type.

If you are on a higher pro plan, such as Pro or Elite, you will have access to priority support for assistance.

Aside from support, ExactMetrics users will have access to detailed tutorials and instructions for each functionality. Documentation is essential for users to understand how to use the features properly.

Exactmetrics Pricing

Exactmetrics offers a plan to meet any budget.

For premium plans, you can select from four packages to meet your analytical needs.


The Plus plan starts at $99.50 per year. This basic package is ideal for publications and small organizations looking to better monitor analytics data.

Analytics Dashboard, Email Summaries, Affiliate Links, EU Compliance, Real-Time Reporting, File Download Tracking, and other capabilities are included with a single site.

ExactMetrics has a Pro plan for five sites that starts at $199.50 per year. It includes all of the Plus plan’s capabilities, as well as eCommerce reports, form conversions, custom dimensions, Google Optimize, and other connectors.

There is also an Agency plan, which starts at $399.50 per year. You can use this on up to 25 sites. This package includes all of the features of the Pro plan with additional bonuses.

In addition, you can select a premium plan for a big number of sites (100, 200, or 500). This plan begins at $699.50 annually.

ExactMetrics’ Alternatives

ExactMetrics is one of the most established and dependable Google Analytics dashboard plugins for WordPress websites. With its free and paid plans, both novice and experienced analytics users can integrate it to obtain precise stats for their website.

However, you will find additional options for connecting your website to Google Analytics. These are some of the top ExactMetrics alternatives available right now.

1. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics solution available, surpassing even ExactMetrics. It is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.

MonsterInsights allows you to set up universal tracking for all types of devices and visitors to your website. The nicest part about this application is that you don’t need any technical experience to integrate analytics data into your website.

With a few clicks, you can see all of the tracking data and stats on your WordPress dashboard. No need to leave the site and return to your analytics account.

MonsterInsights provides all sophisticated tracking options, including affiliate linking, file download tracking, form conversions, and more. It also allows you to set up eCommerce tracking so you can see how your online business is working.

Like ExactMetrics, you have dual tracking options that allow you to connect Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties at the same time. So you can take advantage of all of the features in both the old and new versions.


  • WordPress Dashboard Analytics Reporting
  • Advanced events, scroll, and eCommerce tracking
  • Option to share  stats on PDF and email
  • GA3 and GA4 analytics integration
  • Integrate with major WordPress plugins like MemberPress, Yoast, and WPForms
  • Compliance with EU and GDPR

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2. Analytify


Analytify is another excellent analytics plugin for WordPress websites. Similar to MonsterInsights, this plugin integrates Google Analytics reports directly into your WordPress site.

It is a freemium analytics plugin that displays facts like page views, visitors, and geography data in its free edition. You can upgrade to a premium subscription to get sophisticated tracking features such as real-time stats, bounce rate, campaign stats, and many more.

Analytify allows you to track conversions and customer data from your eCommerce site. It integrates with the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins, allowing you to generate tool reports as well.


  • Get Google Analytics stats in the WordPress dashboard
  • eCommerce tracking and detailed reports
  • Publish analytics data on the frontend
  • Track your campaigns with UTM parameters
  • Automated email reporting

Conclusion: Is ExactMetrics Valuable?

With its sophisticated tracking features, ExactMetrics is without a doubt one of the best Google Analytics plugins. As the most reputable and established analytics dashboard solution, it has considerable popularity among WordPress users.

As its name suggests, ExactMetrics provides you with precise metrics for monitoring website traffic. Below is a summary of every noteworthy function it provides:

  • Set up Google Analytics without coding
  • Detailed dashboard reports and stats
  • eCommerce addon to track your product sales
  • Google AMP tracking option 
  • Enhanced link attribution
  • Form conversions tracking
  • Integration with all the popular eCommerce plugins 
  • Custom event tracking
  • Search console report
  • Tracks 404 errors in analytics

ExactMetrics offers four distinct pro plans that vary in price, so you can select the one that best suits your needs and website’s dimensions.

ExactMetrics is ideal for users of all kinds. Regardless of your level of experience with analytics, it provides you with the necessary information to make critical decisions that will grow your company.

We can declare with confidence, having completed a thorough review, that ExactMetrics is the most robust and user-friendly analytics plugin available. We rate it with five stars.

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