Calculated Fields Form PRO v5.2.57: Everything You Need to Know

Calculated Fields Form PRO v5.2.57: When it comes to web form administration, one size rarely fits all. Here is where the Calculated Fields Form PRO Free Download comes in handy. The plugin adds dynamism to form generation by allowing users to include computed fields in real time. Consider mortgage calculators, pricing estimators, and advanced booking systems; these are just the tip of the iceberg. This platform has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers online, providing a wide range of features aimed at making form development as simple and efficient as possible.


Real-time Calculations

Real-time field calculation is arguably the most interesting feature. As the user enters data, associated fields automatically change. This dynamic function is used for a variety of applications, including loan calculations and detailed service quotes.

Various Form Types

Calculated Fields Form PRO is not tied to a certain industry. You may create a variety of forms, including loan calculators, date calculators, range sliders, and even advanced booking and reservation systems.

Extended Operations and Mathematical Functions

The software supports a wide range of mathematical operations and functions, including fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as advanced trigonometric calculations, rounding, and much more.

Conditional Logic

You can use conditional rules to show or hide fields based on user input, which allows you to design dynamic, interactive forms. The conditions can also influence the calculations, resulting in a highly tailored user experience.

Multipage Forms

Breaking down a long form into many pages improves the user experience and boosts form completion rates. This feature enables you to develop multi-step forms with calculated fields, which are ideal for surveys or thorough service bids.

Predefined Templates

If you are short on time, take advantage of prepackaged templates that address diverse business demands. These templates provide a head start, lowering the effort required to establish a new form.

Data Storage and Management

All user data can be securely stored and handled within the plugin. Data may be exported to CSV or Excel for further research, making it an adaptable tool for data collection and customer insight.

E-Commerce Integration

The plugin works perfectly with e-commerce systems. Users can add goods to their cart and checkout directly from the form, giving a unified shopping experience.

Email Notifications

Form submissions can trigger automated email notifications to administrators and users, keeping all stakeholders up to date.

Robust Security

CAPTCHA and anti-spam measures are used to ensure that data collected is legitimate. The forms are also GDPR compliant, which ensures data security and privacy.

API for customization

Calculated Fields Form PRO provides an API for extra customization if you need a one-of-a-kind solution. Advanced users can create new functionalities and interface with other platforms or services.

Download the Calculated Fields Form PRO Plugin.

Calculated Fields Form PRO has set a new standard for creating dynamic forms. Its extensive set of capabilities, including real-time computations, conditional logic, and e-commerce connection, provide an unparalleled interactive user experience. Whether you run a financial consultancy, a booking service, or an online store, this plugin provides the tools you need to develop complicated, calculated forms that match your company requirements. Calculated Fields Form PRO allows you to greatly improve user engagement, data accuracy, and, ultimately, the efficiency of your online operations. It’s more than just a form builder; it’s a complete solution for any organization trying to improve its web forms.




  • Prevent conflicts with other distributions of the plugin.


  • Removes deprecated JS code.
  • Resolved a dependency issue that occurs when there are more than ten forms inserted on a single page.
  • Fixes a warning in the notification emails module (Professional, Developer, and Platinum versions)
  • Modifies the MailPoet add-on (Platinum version)


  • Improves the plugin’s security. Special thanks to security researcher Rafie Muhammad (Patchstack)


  • Improves the HTML and CSS editors in the “HTML Content” fields and the “Customize Form Design” attribute, respectively.
  • Modifies the “Upload File” control to allow asking for the number of selected files. Ex. fieldname1|r.length
  • Modifies the Popup control to allow dragging the popup window to a different position.
  • Implements the COPYHTML and COPYTEXT operations.
  • Fixes an issue in the module that assigns the default fields’ values when the form has active the delay evaluation of the equations.


  • Improves the plugin’s security. Special thanks to Tiffany Tyson, Customer Support Engineer at WordFence. Pay attention to users who pass additional attributes through the form shortcode. In previous plugin versions, the attributes were converted to Javascript variables with global scope. For example, in shortcodes like [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”1 custom_attr=”234], the plugin created the custom_attr variable with value 234, and you could use it directly in the equations as custom_attr*fieldname1. However, this feature hides a serious problem. You could overwrite global variables like window or document. The current plugin update generates the variable as a property of the cff_var object, and you should use it as cff_var[‘custom_attr’] or cff_var.custom_attr
  • The previous code example must be overwritten as cff_var[‘custom_attr’]*fieldname1
  • modifies the RESETFORM operation.
  • * The build button supports Ctrl+click to open the form builder on another tab or window.
  • * Implements the Developer Notes attribute in the forms controls to display notes in the forms builder only and help the development of complex forms.
  • * Fixes an issue in the popup control.
  • * Modifies the processing of the parameters in the SERVER-SIDE equations (Developer and Platinum plugin versions).



  • Replaces jQuery deprecated functions and events.
  • Modifies the equations processing.
  • Fixes an issue with DS controls and SERVER-SIDE equations (Developer and Platinum plugin versions).


  • Fixes an issue with the Readonly attribute in Checkbox, Radio Button, Checkbox DS, and Radion Button DS controls.

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