WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which Is Right for You in 2024?

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: What distinguishes WordPress hosting from regular web hosting, specifically?

While normal web hosting can host any website, including WordPress sites, WordPress hosting is specifically designed to optimize WordPress sites for greater performance.

Standard web hosting is typically less expensive than WordPress hosting. Additionally, you can start a WordPress website with regular hosting. Each of these hosting options has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Which one, nevertheless, ought you to choose?

We’ll examine the two kinds of hosting in this post to assist you in deciding which is best for your requirements. You’ll learn the following things, for example:

  • Benefits of choosing standard web hosting
  • Benefits of going for WordPress Hosting
  • Our recommendations for both hosting types
  • Pros and cons of both types and much more

With little further ado, let’s get started.

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: The Differences, Pros, Cons & More

Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: The Differences, Pros, Cons & More

All-purpose web hosting, or standard web hosting, is capable of storing website files, including blog entries, photos, videos, and so forth. Any website (a WordPress blog or a Blogger.com blog) can be hosted.

Typically, you pay for server space so that anybody can view your website from anywhere.

Additionally, the most popular kind of conventional web hosting is shared hosting. Your website’s resources aren’t devoted to it alone when you use shared hosting because you share a single server with other websites.

3 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Website

3 Reasons Why Shared Web Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Website

These three compelling arguments favor regular web hosting over WordPress hosting.

1. Affordable

The primary justification for choosing basic web hosting is its affordability. This is because shared hosting divides a single server across several websites.

Because shared hosting is so inexpensive (usually $5 per month or less), it’s the best option for newer, smaller websites.

Because shared hosting plans are less expensive, you might wish to select one if you’re a novice who is just getting started.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is another argument in favor of standard web hosting vs. WordPress hosting.

Websites that are not built with WordPress can be hosted. Any kind of website can be hosted with shared hosting, including:

  • Static websites
  • Non-WordPress sites
  • Dynamic websites
  • Forums
  • eCommerce websites
  • Portfolio sites and more

For instance, WordPress hosting is not required if you wish to create a static website, such as a portfolio website.

Additionally, regular web providers usually provide a greater selection of hosting packages, such as dedicated, VPS, and shared hosting. You will therefore have a great deal of freedom to select the blogging platform of your choice.

3. Built-in cPanel

A built-in control panel is provided by almost all web servers that provide shared hosting options, allowing you to manage anything, including

  • Your website files
  • Domains
  • Backups
  • Emails
  • Databases and many more

It’s simple to administer your website with regular web hosting, including adding new website directories, updating passwords, and adding FTP users.

Standard Web Hosting Pros & Cons


  • The primary advantage of basic web hosting, also known as shared hosting, is its incredibly low cost when compared to other hosting options such as dedicated hosting, managed WordPress, VPS, etc.
  • The majority of shared hosting providers let you install well-known websites with just one click, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others.
  • Most web hosts guarantee uptime to be at least 99% of the time.
  • With shared hosting plans, scalability is not a problem because you can quickly modify your plan as website traffic increases.
  • You have more options with standard web hosting since you can install any script other than WordPress and build any kind of website you like.
  • You can host numerous websites on a single hosting account because most web hosts support hosting multiple websites.
  • Most of the time, ordinary web hosting gives you unlimited bandwidth for your websites.
  • provides a cPanel, which facilitates the setup of databases, add-on domains, emails, and other features.


  • Because numerous other websites share the same server with shared web hosting, loading times may be slower. If you want your website and performance to be better, you should avoid shared hosting.
  • Since your website shares a server with other websites, security is one of the main issues with shared hosting.
  • You won’t be able to modify the server files, configuration, or resources, and you’ll have little to no control over the server environment.
  • Shared hosting comes with basic support choices, and the majority of necessary features (such as daily backups, CDN, etc.) are add-ons that cost extra.

What is WordPress hosting?

Web hosting specifically made for WordPress websites is known as WordPress hosting.

Choose the top managed WordPress hosting companies if you intend to create your website using a self-hosted WordPress platform.

Features that are tailored for WordPress are available with WordPress hosting, including:

  • Pre-installed WordPress software
  • Automatic WordPress updates (core updates)
  • Better security for WordPress websites and more

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Web Hosting

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Web Hosting

What makes WordPress web hosting superior to other types of web hosting, then? These are three advantages.

1. Unique features

Gain access to features unique to WordPress with WordPress hosting, like:

  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Access to free WordPress themes and layouts
  • Dedicated WordPress support and more

Additionally, you will have access to all the potent features, such as

Website staging: making a replica of your live website is the process of website staging. You can test website modifications with this functionality before implementing them live. You can test themes, plugins, and other things.

Daily backups: Preventing data loss on your website requires regular backups. If something goes wrong, you may easily restore your website files thanks to your regular backups.

Caching: Every WordPress web server has built-in caching, which speeds up your website’s overall loading time. This is crucial because if a website loads slowly, visitors are more likely to abandon it.

Therefore, choose WordPress hosting if you’re seeking capabilities exclusive to WordPress to get your website up and running.

2. Better performance

The performance of WordPress hosting is a major factor in favor of it over regular web hosting.

Compared to other web providers, managed WordPress websites are undeniably superior, safe, and dependable. High-performance servers that are tailored for WordPress websites are used by managed WordPress hosting companies.

A CDN is offered by almost all managed WordPress web hosting providers at no cost. Visitors can access your static assets, including CSS, JavaScript, photos, and so on, from servers that are closer to them when using a CDN. In the end, it results in quicker page loads for all visitors, regardless of where they are coming from.

3. Save more time

Not to mention, selecting managed WordPress hosting will save you a ton of time.

When new versions of WordPress are published, the majority of WordPress hosting companies make sure to update your WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

Everyone knows that upgrading WordPress manually may be difficult and time-consuming, especially for first-time users. This is where managed WordPress hosting comes in helpful, as they handle everything so you can concentrate on managing your website and producing content.

WordPress Hosting: Pros & Cons


  • The simplicity of WordPress installation is the primary advantage of WordPress hosting. You don’t need to bother about downloading and installing WordPress yourself because the majority of web hosting companies install it for you right out of the box.
  • You won’t need to bother about manually upgrading WordPress (every time there is a new update) because you will receive automatic updates.
  • WordPress hosting offers superior performance because it is specifically designed for WordPress websites. To put it simply, websites that load quickly can benefit you in the long run by improving the user experience and search engine rankings.
  • WordPress hosting companies provide impenetrable security. The majority of web servers provide tools like virus scanners and firewalls to shield your website from online threats.
  • You will receive dedicated resources for your website, as opposed to shared hosting. In the event that other users on the same servers use resources excessively, you won’t experience any website outage concerns.
  • It provides features that are exclusive to WordPress, including knowledgeable WordPress customer service, automated updates, security features tailored to WordPress, and access to themes and plugins.
  • The majority of WordPress hosting packages include free website backups.
  • The majority of WordPress hosting companies (like WPX, Kinsta, etc.) allow free website migrations, so you may move all of your website’s files from your current host at no cost.
  • There will also be round-the-clock assistance from committed WordPress professionals.
  • Above all, for newcomers who are not familiar with WordPress, WordPress-specific hosting can be beneficial.


  • In comparison to regular web hosting options, it is pricey. For instance, managed WordPress hosting from WPX costs $20 per month, whereas ordinary web hosting from Hostinger costs $2.69.

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Our Hosting Recommendations

There are hundreds of web hosts out there that provide shared and WordPress hosting solutions. So which one should you go for?

We’ve tried and tested a ton of web hosts in the last 13 years of our blogging journey.

Here are our picks:

  • For standard web hosting: Hostinger
  • For managed WordPress hosting: WPX

To help you choose the best web host for your purposes, let’s quickly discuss these two providers and their pricing structures.

For standard web hosting

Millions of websites choose Hostinger, the most economical hosting option for novices. Their $2.69 monthly premium web hosting package (available just through our special link) is what we recommend.

Their top-tier web hosting package includes the following:

  • Install Up to 100 Websites
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Weekly Backups
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • Free Email
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain ($9.99 value) and Much More

With this exclusive link, you can get a massive 78% off their premium hosting package.


As you can see, their premium web hosting package is available for just $2.69 a month.

You will be redirected to their payment website after clicking the “Claim Deal” button.

The four years of hosting, as you can see above, will only cost $129.

Here are the four shared web hosting price tiers that Hostinger offers, in case you’d like to view more possibilities.

  • You can host one website with 50 GB of storage for $1.99 a month with a single plan, which also includes free weekly website backups.
  • With the $2.99/month Premium plan, you may host 100 websites with 100 GB of storage, as well as receive free weekly website backups, a free domain, and other benefits.
  • With the $3.99/month Business plan, you may host 100 websites with 200 GB of storage, as well as receive free CDN, free domain registration, and free daily website backups.
  • You may host 300 websites with 200 GB of storage under the $9.99/month Cloud Startup plan, which also includes free daily website backups, a free domain, a free CDN, a free dedicated IP, and more.

All of Hostinger’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

For WordPress web hosting

WPX is our suggested WordPress hosting provider.

We have been utilizing WPX as our web host for BloggersPassion for over seven years.

WPX provides the subsequent pricing schemes:

  • With the $20.83 monthly (or $200 GB yearly) business plan, you can deploy up to 5 websites with 15 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth.
  • If you pay annually, Professional will set up up to 15 websites with 30 GB of storage and 400 GB of bandwidth for $41.58 per month.
  • Elite allows you to install up to 35 websites with 60 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth for $83.25 per month (if paid annually).

Click this link to go to the WPX website and get started.

Select a web hosting package based on your demands and budget.


After that, a few questions will appear (such as domain registration, email, etc.).

They will help you create a WordPress website if you’re starting from scratch, or they will migrate your site to WPX for free if you make the payment and get in touch with their support team.

For all of their hosting options, WPX additionally provides a 30-day refund policy. This implies that if you terminate your hosting account within the first thirty days of signing up, they will give you a complete refund.

Which should I select? WordPress or web hosting?

In case you’re still not sure which kind of hosting is best for you, this section provides a brief overview of the main distinctions between WordPress hosting and ordinary web hosting.

Choose standard web hosting:

  • Should you not be utilizing WordPress CMS
  • If your tiny website receives little traffic
  • If your finances are tight,
  • If you feel at ease running your own website

Choose WordPress web hosting:

  • In the event that you use WordPress
  • If you anticipate a high volume of visitors to your website
  • If you would rather concentrate on producing content than maintaining your website
  • If you desire increased dependability and security

FAQ: Shared Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning web hosting.

Does WordPress manage web hosting?

WordPress is available in two flavors: free on WordPress.com and premium on WordPress.org. With the free version, hosting is not required; however, if you want to use WordPress.org, which gives you more power and control over your website, hosting is required.

Which hosts are suggested by WordPress?

The hosting services that WordPress officially recommends are Bluehost and DreamHost.

What is the price of hosting a WordPress website?

It is contingent upon the web hosting company you select. Millions of people choose Hostinger for their web hosting needs since its premium hosting plan just costs $2.69 a month and comes with a free domain.

Is a website hosted by WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, not a CMS. However, you may host and maintain your website for free using WordPress.com, which is its free version.

Which is preferable, web hosting or WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is the best choice if you use WordPress. If you utilize a different blogging platform, though, regular web hosting can be a better and more affordable choice.

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Whatever kind of web hosting you select, it’s critical to take your website’s requirements and spending capacity into account.

If using WordPress (the best content management system), go with WordPress hosting. If you are comfortable with administering your own websites, you can attempt ordinary web hosting.

What are your opinions, then? Of the two, which one is your favorite? Do you have any more queries? Tell us in the comments below.

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