VapourHost Review: Is It Worth Your Money in 2024?

Today I’m going to write a VapourHost Review. A newer and lesser-known hosting company.

Considering starting your own blog or website is not that tough. Almost all niches are profitable for bloggers.

The most challenging part for any novice is deciding on a domain name that is relevant (near enough) to their specialty and selecting appropriate hosting.

Not long ago, there were no options for low-cost web hosting with a variety of services and minimal downtime.

Nowadays, hosting providers offer plans that include the most recent features and technologies. These solutions are particularly appealing to novices due to their low cost.

VapourHost is one of them. With current features and minimum downtime, it is not only the finest choice for low-cost Indian web hosting, but it is also gaining appeal in other nations.

About VapourHost

Vapourhost started in 2016 with the goal of producing value by providing high-quality hosting services at a low cost.

The goal was to become India’s greatest hosting provider, offering dependable shared hosting services. The company is Indian at heart, but has taken its strategy global, with customers from over 15 nations.

All of this was made possible by their strong infrastructure, excellent service, fair pricing policy, and fundamental ethical company principles.

VapourHost, with its headquarters in India and data servers in the United States and Germany, has built a name for itself in the Shared Hosting sector. However, it has attempted to compete with the larger companies by launching two new VPS options.

VapourHost Reviews and Ratings

According to an update provided by the VapourHost team in October 2020, they were serving over 7,000 clients worldwide. Today, we observed a significant number of reviews and ratings on both HostAdvice and Google Reviews.

Host Advice704.9/5
Google Reviews294.1/5
Facebook Reviews284.7/5
Trust Pilot54/5
Host Advice VapourHost Reviews

VapourHost Plans Overview

VapourHost web hosting service provides a variety of plans for you. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Primary Plan 1210 GB100 GB₹150/M
Primary Plan 2515 GB200 GB₹200/M
Power Plan 1Unlimited20 GB500 GB₹299/M
Power Plan 2Unlimited25 GB1000 GB₹419/M
Power Plan 3Unlimited35 GB1500 GB₹549/M

Prices are exclusive of taxes.

All plans include free SSL, SSD storage, one-click app installation, 99.99% uptime, excellent support, and free daily backups.


  • Free SSL
  • Single Click App Installer
  • Awstats Analytics with traffic details
  • Free Daily & Weekly Backups
  • Website Migration free
  • Lets you install 400+ scripts from cPanel
  • Use of SSH and SFTP for Power Plan user


  • Comes with Shared Hosting Plans only
  • Only VapourHost Ultra offers VapourCDN, that gives much more performance than any other plans
  • Does not offer Dedicated Servers
  • Not a Domain Registrar. Meaning, you cannot buy a domain with their plans

VapourHost Hosting Features

VapourHost, like every other hosting service, offers identical features. But the nicest thing about this hosting service is that it provides these capabilities at a far reduced cost.

VapourHost Hosting Price
FeatureBasic PlanPrimary Plan 1Power Plan 2
Storage5 GB SSD10 GB SSD25 GB SSD
Bandwidth50 GB100 GB1000 GB
Free SSL
Daily Backups
Money-back30 Days30 Days30 Days
  • Most VapourHost pricing plans are Affordable even for Beginners.
  • All their plans come with Free SSL
  • Daily & Weekly Backups with Free Restore (just submit a ticket).
  • Single Click Installer for 400+ scripts
  • Word Class firewall security like CSF and Imunify 360
  • Single click upgrade/downgrade or cancellation of plan
  • Super Fast Speed Optimized by LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Incredible Support system
  • Uptime up to 99.99%
  • All plans come with CloudFlare CDN
  • VapourHost Ultra even comes with VapourHost CDN, offering better performance
  • Knowledge Base for accessing VapourHost tutorial articles
  • Furthermore, 30-days money-back guarantee
reasons to choose vapourhost

Looking at the features, I would say this hosting provider is comparable to Hostinger India.

In short, VapourHost plans are quick, inexpensive, secure, and include free support.

VapourHost Ultra Overview

They have released new plans called VapourHost Ultra.

Personally, I haven’t had the opportunity to test them. However, it is worth mentioning them here.

Ultra Plan 115 GB200 GB$25/M
Ultra Plan 2315 GB500 GB$50/M
Ultra Plan 31050 GB1000 GB$100/M
Ultra Plan 430150 GB3000 GB$200/M
VapourHost Ultra Price List

How is VapourHost Ultra Different from Other Plans?

To the best of my knowledge, all VapourHost Ultra plans use dedicated servers. Unlike VapourHost’s primary and power plans, these are not shared hosting servers.

They provide world-class features such as PHP X-Ray, VapourCDN, and support PHP 8.0 with HTTP 3. It also works with the LiteSpeed Enterprise version for increased performance.

VapourHost Ultra’s plans differ from ordinary VapourHost plans in terms of speed.

Which VapourHost Hosting Plan Is For You?

VapourHost has a variety of plans, making it difficult to select the best one for your needs.

But do not worry. We will simplify all plans based on your level of competence and/or the number of websites you have previously created.

Basic Plan: This plan is intended for beginners. Those who are new to blogging or want to construct a tiny website with limited static content.

Primary Plan: Beginners can start with the primary plan. If you intend to expand your website during the first 6–12 months,. I recommend going with the primary plan.

Power Plan: This is for someone who wants to host more than ten websites or blogs. It could be personal websites, blogs, or client sites.

Ultra Plan: These plans are designed for professionals that require lightning-fast speeds and the most advanced features.

My Experience With VapourHost

I wrote this VapourHost review to help you understand the differences in the hosting ecosystem.

There are several large hosting firms, including BlueHost, Hostinger, and SiteGround. But, what makes VapourHost so unique?

VapourHost is a new hosting provider on the market. In the last four years, they have managed to serve customers from approximately 15 different nations.

All of their plans include free SSL, strong security, 99.99% uptime, and an excellent support system.

They use cutting-edge technology and strive to provide the majority of the features available from larger hosting companies.

I’ve hosted several websites with various hosting services. Every time, something goes wrong. I’ve never had an issue with VapourHost.

They demonstrate an incredible level of trustworthiness.

At the end of the day, you want a website that includes all of your content and loads quickly. VapourHost delivers what it promises.

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FAQs: VapourHost Review

Does VapourHost offer free website migration?

Yes, all of VapourHost’s plans provide free website migration.

Is there a money-back guarantee with VapourHost?

Yes, VapourHost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does VapourHost allow payments from PayTM?

Yes, you may make payments with PayTM to purchase any VapourHost plan.

Is VapourHost shared or VPS hosting?

VapourHost Primary and Power plans offer shared web hosting, and VapourHost Ultra offers dedicated hosting.

Can VapourHost handle a lot of traffic?

VapourHost can manage a lot of traffic, yes. If you define high traffic as 10,000 or more users per day, then VapourHost Power Plan 3, which provides up to 1500 GB of bandwidth, is the only option.

Final Thoughts

I’ve made an effort to allay any concerns about VapourHost and all the features it provides in this review.

In the realm of hosting, almost all businesses attempt to package one or more features for an additional cost and almost always include hidden fees.

VapourHost delivers exactly what it says. It provides good performance and a number of features.

It’s preferable to begin with basic and primary plans if you’re just starting out. However, if you have 1,000 or 10,000 visits each month,. Pick VapourHost Power subscriptions.

Offering the greatest value and customer service to its clients is their value proposition. They are new to the scene, but with their business ethics, I have no doubt that they will leave their imprint quickly.

VapourHost is without a doubt the best option if you’re seeking web hosting.

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