Sitecountry Review: Uncovering the Most Affordable Cloud Hosting in India

Sitecountry Review: One of the most important parts of your website or blog is hosting. It is very similar to having a physical location for your business. The location of a shop is important for selling more things, and the same is true for hosting.

The success of your website is overly dependent on your hosting service. We utilize Cloudways for SoloHelps and Hostinger, Bluehost, and other hosting services for our other blogs.

Choosing the fastest and most popular web hosting can be tough for a rookie or struggling blogger.

However, having your website hosted on subpar servers is also a bad choice.

So, we discovered Sitecountry, a web hosting provider that is fast enough to keep your website expanding while remaining affordable.

Speed, customer support, data centers, and pricing are all important considerations for any hosting firm. We will investigate these points and provide you with a comprehensive Sitecountry hosting review.

Sitecountry Hosting Company Info

Sitecountry is an Indian hosting firm that was created in November 2020 by a group of hosting enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about cloud computing, Linux, and technology.

The company’s headquarters are in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

They have 8 employees, according to their LinkedIn page.

It provides all cloud servers from the most prominent and dependable cloud providers, like Amazon AWS, Linode, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and others.

Sitecountry Hosting Overview

Based InIndia
SpeedLess than 1 sec., Good Core Web Vitals depending on optimization
Uptime99.99% (Premium Cloud)
Web ServerLiteSpeed Server (300x faster)
CachingLSCache, Redis and Memcached
BackupDaily (Available for 14 days For Premium and Above plans)
Migration10 to 30 for Premium Cloud Plans
Premium AntivirusFor Elite Cloud Plans
Hosting PlansManaged VPS cloud, reseller cloud, premium cloud, elite cloud, and public cloud
Data Centers7 Locations (India, US, Europe, Australia)
Customer Support24/7 (Chat, Email, Ticket, Knowledge Base)
Refund Policy14 Days and 7 Days for VPS Cloud
PricingStarting from ₹49/Month

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Sitecountry Hosting Review

Speed and Performance

CloudLinux is used on Sitecountry hosting servers, which isolates shared accounts on the same server and aids in the fair allocation of resources on shared servers.

Many additional cloud hosting services, such as Verpex Hosting, employ CloudLinux.

This hosting employs a LiteSpeed server, which is 300 times quicker and can handle more requests than other servers such as Apache.

There is no information about caching and inode count on the Sitecountry official page for public cloud, but if you choose premium cloud, you will get LSCache, Redis, and Memcached caching.

Inodes range from 1 million to 3 million under the Lite, Pro, and Turbo subscriptions.

NVMe storage is offered at all levels, so you can expect substantially better speed and performance.

Sitecountry claimed 99.99% uptime, however, only under the Elite Cloud Hosting package, with no details or claims under the Public or Premium cloud hosting packages.

I do not use Sitecountry, but those who do report nearly 100% uptime and, on rare occasions, 99.95 to 99.99% uptime for several months.

Their premium cloud hosting provides a page performance of less than one second and a page score of ‘Good’ in Google Core Web Vitals.

Sitecountry Hosting Plans

It provides cloud hosting and has five different types of cloud plans.

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Premium Cloud
  3. Elite Cloud
  4. Managed Cloud VPS
  5. Reseller Cloud

Sitecountry Public Cloud

In a typical shared hosting environment, hardware resources are shared among several users and are not isolated. The public cloud is a step up from shared hosting in that users are separated by advanced security standards such as CageFileSystem, PHP Imunify, and optimized versions of PHP handlers such as LSPHP, which operate up to 30X quicker than ordinary shared hosting.

There are three sorts of plans available in the public cloud.

Sitecountry Public Cloud Hosting Plans

Premium Cloud Hosting

Premium cloud hosting includes additional advanced services such as CPU cores, daily backup, daily malware scan, and a free domain.

Examine what premium cloud has to offer in various plans.

Sitecountry Premium Cloud Hosting Plans

Elite Cloud Hosting

Elite Cloud is a higher level of hosting that includes Premium Global CDN, Premium Anti-Virus, 99.99% uptime, and increased CPU and RAM limitations.

Sitecountry collaborated with the leading global CDN providers, with 120+ points of presence, to provide near-perfect uptime and faster speeds.

This plan is ideal if you run a website that receives a lot of traffic from all over the world.

Sitecountry Elite Cloud Hosting Plan

Managed Cloud VPS

Managed Cloud VPS provides a virtualized server with dedicated hardware resources and its own network. It means you don’t share your disk space, CPU, or memory with anyone else. However, it differs from a dedicated server in that it operates on a single physical server, lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Sitecountry Managed Cloud VPS Plans

Sitecountry additionally claimed to provide lower prices with faster performance than competitors such as Bluehost, A2Hosting, and Hostgator, with NVMe SSD Storage and Litespeed Webserver.

It also includes a modern control panel and free antivirus.

Managed VPS Cloud Comparison with other Hosting Companies

Reseller Cloud Hosting

If you wish to start your own web hosting company, Sitecountry also has plans available.

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Data Centers

Sitecountry is a brand-new hosting provider situated in India. So, one question that comes to mind is if this corporation has servers in the United States or Europe.

According to the Sitecountry website’s official website map, they have seven data centers throughout the world.

Data Center NameLocationAvailable Services
USA DC IISan Jose, USAPublic Cloud, Premium Cloud, Reseller Cloud, and VIP Cloud
Canada DCVancouver, CanadaVIP Cloud
Germany DCFalkenstein, GermanyPublic Cloud, Premium Cloud, Reseller Cloud, and VIP Cloud
India DCMumbai, IndiaPublic Cloud, Premium Cloud, Reseller Cloud, and VIP Cloud
Singapore DCSingapore, SingaporeVIP Cloud
Australia DCSydney, AustraliaVIP Cloud

Thus, they cover Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US. Additionally, you can select your server based on whether your target audience is in the US or Europe.

Customer Support

Any hosting company’s foundation is its customer service, particularly in underdeveloped nations where many lack basic computer knowledge.

Sitecountry can be contacted via email, chat, or by submitting a ticket.

They also feature a knowledge resource with a wealth of material that can assist you in the event that you encounter any hosting-related issues.

Despite having a tiny crew, they provide round-the-clock assistance.

Refund Policy

Sitecountry has a 14-day refund policy, with varying terms applicable to different products.

If you seek a cancellation during the first 14 days of the shared web hosting product, you will receive a complete refund.

If you cancel within the first seven days of your VPS hosting plan, you will receive a complete refund.

However, they also stated that because server setup incurs a one-time setup fee, consumers will not receive a complete refund for VPS and dedicated hosting. You should review their return policy in case you have any questions, as they have made it quite difficult to grasp.

Sitecountry Pros and Cons


Low Cost:

With the Sitecountry hosting plan, you can host one website with five gigabytes of SSD storage for just ₹49 per month. Additionally, this plan includes a free SSL, free migration, and a single email account. This plan can be your option if you’re just starting off or testing things out online.

appropriate for an Indian audience:

Since Sitecountry is an Indian hosting provider, its servers are located there. You must select Indian servers if your website is intended for an Indian audience. Since they have a team based in India, you can also receive support in your native language.


Complex Schemes:

There are three to four alternative plans with varying pricing ranges under each of their five main cloud plans. Anyone may find it a little difficult to select the best-fit plan. To enable speedy decision-making, they need to streamline their hosting plans.

Limited Reserve:

The public cloud plan allows for 5 days of backup storage, while the premium cloud plan allows for 7 days. Your backups are retained by other web hosts for a period of 14 to 15 days.


You can select Sitecountry’s premium cloud hosting plan for your blog or website, as this evaluation of the company shows.

This package gives a free domain in addition to comprehensive feature details. The first year’s hosting for a new or medium-sized website starts at ₹4099/-.

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Can I transfer my existing website to Sitecountry Hosting?

You can move your current website to Sitecountry Hosting, yes. You can get help with the migration procedure from our support staff. Reach out to our support staff for assistance and further information.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Indeed, you have the flexibility to change your hosting package at any time. To modify your hosting plan, get in touch with our support staff or sign into your account.

How do I get support from Sitecountry?

Sitecountry offers assistance via a number of channels, such as email, live chat, and a support ticket system. Our community forums and knowledge base also contain useful materials.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Sitecountry Hosting offers a money-back guarantee for a specified period (usually 30 days) from the date of purchase. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you can request a refund within this period.

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