MilesWeb Review: Is It the Best Web Hosting Provider in India?

MilesWeb Review: Nowadays, almost every business operates online, and in order to expand, any online business needs dependable web hosting to keep your website up and running for your clients.

You may be familiar with MilesWeb if you’re from India. It is an Indian web hosting company that was established in 2012. to provide website owners with quick, safe, and reasonably priced web hosting.

I’m providing the MilesWeb review in this article. You will understand all about MiesWeb hosting after reading this article, including whether or not it is suitable for your company. Alternatively, you may get all the answers to your queries concerning MilesWeb hosting here.

This is the objective MilesWeb evaluation. Before hosting any website on MilesWeb, it is crucial to verify that every component of the hosting has been checked. I talked about everything, including features, speed, load handling capacity, advantages and disadvantages, and much more.

About MilesWeb

Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale, and Chinmay Dingore founded MilesWeb, an Indian web hosting firm, in 2012. The head office of MilesWeb is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. Over 50,000 consumers have trusted MilesWeb as a hosting provider, and their platform has hosted over a million websites.

Their main goal is to give their clients expertly designed hosting plans, the newest technology, fast speed, complete security, and round-the-clock assistance.

MilesWeb is well-known for its comprehensive pricing schemes and first-rate customer service. MilesWeb offers a selection of hosting options. In addition to dedicated servers, they also offer cloud, VPS, shared, and WordPress hosting.

MilesWeb Review Overview

For those who lack the time to peruse the complete article, here is a concise synopsis of the MilesWeb evaluation.

Speed3.94 Sec. (US)
1.61 Sec. (India)
PricingHosting plans start from ₹60 per month
Free DomainMilesWeb has data centers in 6 different countries
ServersLiteSpeed Web Server
Data CentersYou will get unlimited free website migrations (up to 10GB)
BackupLive chat, Email tickets, Phone calls, Knowledgebase, and Video tutorials
On-demand backup options are available, and daily backups are accessible on offshore servers with a 7-day retention period.
Email HostingFree email hosting with all hosting plans
SupportWebsite staging, Free Website builder, 2FA, ModSecurity, Network Firewall, Litespeed Cache, DirectAdmin control panel, and Let’s encrypt SSL are all included.
Refund Policy30-Day money back guarantee
Hosting FeaturesFree Let’s Encrypt SSL, 2FA, ModSecurity, Network Firewall, Monarx Server Security, Litespeed Cache, DirectAdmin control panel, Malware scanning, Website Staging, and Free Website builder.
Hosting PlansFor the first year, when you use the Stellar and Alpha cloud hosting plans, you will receive a free domain.

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MilesWeb User Interface

MilesWeb boasts a contemporary, user-friendly layout. The Milesweb hosting services are accessible from the top of the user dashboard, while the billing, support, services, and affiliate parts are located on the left side of the dashboard. You can view your active services, domains, bills, and support tickets on the main dashboard.


In terms of control panels, MilesWeb offers several hosting control panels for various hosting service kinds. The DirectAdmin web control panel is included with shared hosting and WordPress hosting; the cPanel hosting control panel is included with cloud hosting and cPanel hosting; for VPS and dedicated servers, you can select the control panel that best suits your needs.


WordPress and shared hosting are popular hosting options, and MilesWeb offers a DirectAdmin Web control panel that is simple to use for both novice and expert users.

Testing Parameters

We offer Stellar, their most popular hosting plan, which costs $178 per month, for testing MilesWeb hosting. With this hosting package, I also used:

We offer Stellar, their most popular hosting plan, which costs $178 per month, for testing MilesWeb hosting. With this hosting package, I also used:

MilesWeb Uptime

Every website out there needs uptime, so knowing the hosting provider’s uptime is essential to having a decent website uptime. I have been using the Better Stack website uptime monitoring tool in addition to routinely checking the uptime of my website hosted on MilesWeb hosting.

MilesWeb Uptime Status Report

The MilesWeb WordPress hosting steller plan report (Indian Server) may be found below.

Dec 2023100%
Nov 202399.97%
Oct 202399.98%
Sep 202399.96%
Aug 202399.98%

Note: Please make sure to bookmark this page so you can check the MilesWeb uptime reports on a regular basis. I have an active plan for MilesWeb’s stellar WordPress hosting plan, and I will update the uptime here.

A 99.95% uptime SLA is also provided by MilesWeb for all hosting plans. My observations also indicate that their uptime is quite noteworthy.

MilesWeb Speeds

The speed at which MilesWeb hosts is absolutely impressive. MilesWeb uses LiteSpeed web servers in their hosting packages to guarantee that all of their clients can access websites quickly. I then used the KeyCDN Tool to assess the loading speed from various places, and the astounding results are shown here.

I measured the speed of the MilesWeb hosting server in Bangalore here, and the result was 1.7 seconds.

I measured the speed of the MilesWeb hosting server from Amsterdam here, and the result was 1.26 seconds.


I measured the speed of the MilesWeb hosting server from New York here, and the result was 2.08 seconds.

MilesWeb Load Testing

to evaluate MilesWeb’s web hosting’s capacity to handle loads. I created 50 virtual users on Milesweb to host my website, and they submitted 1476 requests—all of which were successful—with an excellent average response time of 653 milliseconds.

MilesWeb’s load handling capacity is quite good. While MilesWeb responds to every request made throughout the test, other shared hosting companies typically only process a small number of them.

The ability of MilesWeb to handle load is quite impressive. Thus, you may depend on MilesWeb hosting without concern if your website receives medium to large volumes of traffic.

MilesWeb Cache

With its hosting services, MilesWeb leverages Litespeed Web Servers to provide you the experience of quick website loading times. It has built-in features to improve the functionality of your website. MilesWeb advises using the LiteSpeed cache plugin, which is extremely compatible with LiteSpeed web servers, if you developed your website using WordPress.

MilesWeb Data Centers

On its website, MilesWeb stated that they operate data centers throughout six nations.

  • Canada
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Australia

However, there’s a catch to this There is only one data center choice available for shared and WordPress hosting, which is India. If you select shared hosting and WordPress hosting, you will receive Indian data centers.

You will receive data centers in the UK, the USA, and India if you choose one of the cloud hosting options. All six data center configurations are available on cPanel hosting. Thus, be important to carefully consider your server location requirements while selecting a hosting package.

Additionally, you will have the choice of 32 distinct data center locations across 6 continents if you choose cPanel VPS hosting, Forex VPS hosting, or Managed VPS hosting.

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Backup and Restoration for MilesWeb

One of the most crucial security features that every web server ought to have is backup. When it comes to MilesWeb, they offer seven days of retention in addition to a daily automated backup.

Additionally, since all of your backups are kept on an offshore server, they are fully safe on a different server in the unlikely event that your website is attacked.

Your control panel also has a manual backup option, so you may take a backup of your website whenever you’d like and restore it whenever you’d like.


Regarding the option for daily backups, MilesWeb does not give users the ability to access them. Therefore, you must get in touch with their support team, and they will restore backups on your behalf if you wish to restore your website using those automated backups.

MilesWeb Domains

If you select MilesWeb’s hosting plan for one or three years, you will receive a free domain for the first year. Additionally, bear in mind that not all domain extensions are free; only a select few domain extensions are eligible for this offer. (.com,.eu,,.com,.in,,,

Additionally, the free domain offer is not included with the Ignite or Elite hosting plans; however, you can still register your domain via MilesWeb. Prices for a few of MilesWeb’s most well-liked domain extensions are shown here.

TLDAnnual Registration Pricing

MilesWeb Security

In this digital age, website security is crucial since numerous online hackers constantly attempt to breach your website using various cyberattacks. However, MilesWeb’s incredible security features put them one step ahead of the hacker in this instance.


MilesWeb offers a range of security tools to protect your website from online threats and attacks. A selection of them is listed below.

  • Free SSL Certificate: Let’s Encrypt provides MilesWeb with a free SSL certificate to secure all of your domains and subdomains.
  • Unauthorized users are unable to link the files on your website to their own due to HotLink Protection. It’s quite beneficial to conserve bandwidth.
  • Network Firewall: By prohibiting unauthorized access to your private network, it lowers the likelihood of cyberattacks.
  • ModSecurity is a well-known and potent web tool that automatically identifies and eliminates harmful applications and scripts, protecting your website from being harmed by such items.
  • Malware Scanner: If your website has malware, this program will continuously scan it and identify it. Reports from malware scans are also provided.
  • Monarx Server Security is a very useful and significant security feature. By identifying and preventing malicious activity on your hosting server, it safeguards your hosting environment.

MilesWeb Customer Support

You have several ways to get in touch with MilesWeb Hosting’s customer service representatives. There are alternatives for email, tickets, live chat, calls, and knowledge bases.

They have a fairly strong support network. I asked some questions via their live chat support system, and they responded to me in under a minute, solving my problem within a short while. Additionally, the length of time it takes to resolve your difficulties may vary.

However, I find the MilesWeb support system to be pretty impressive.

Additionally, they offer a vast knowledge library with over a thousand articles covering all the hot issues related to hosting. The best part is that because each article is well-structured, even beginners may follow it to solve any problem.

In addition to articles, MilesWeb offers video tutorials on their YouTube channel. As of right now, they have released over 500 films that address the majority of common hosting questions and problems that users run into.


Bonus: We have wonderful news for you if you are from India. Moreover, MilesWeb offers phone help in the Hindi language.

MilesWeb Staging

Through its DirectAdmin control interface, MilesWeb provides its incredible and incredibly helpful staging capability. You can use the Softaculous App Installer to access and use this feature.


These tools allow you to make an exact duplicate of your website so you can test out the theme, plugin, and other customizations you wish to utilize. Once you’ve tested it on a stagged website, you can quickly apply all of the changes you made with a single click to the live website.

MilesWeb Email Hosting

MilesWeb offers free email hosting with all of their shared hosting plans, just like any other shared hosting company. However, the amount of emails available with each hosting plan varies. Two email addresses are available with the Ignite plan, twenty with the Egnite plan, and one hundred email accounts with the Steller plan—which is what I use—if you select that option.


This strategy works best for small business owners with a staff of a few dozen employees. Each member of your team can have their own professional email address. For marketing agencies and small to medium-sized enterprises, it’s really helpful.

MilesWeb Other Features

MilesWeb’s various hosting plans come with a plethora of incredible features. It is quite beneficial for website owners. These are a few that I thought were very beneficial.

Website Migration

The main duty that comes with switching hosting providers is website migration. Technically, migration might go wrong and leave your website with numerous issues. Therefore, having an expert perform the migration is the best way to prevent all of these mistakes.

When you purchase hosting from MilesWeb, MilesWeb participates. Their professionals will transfer your website for free from your previous hosting company to MilesWeb Hosting.

MilesWeb offers unlimited website migration for free, regardless of the number of websites you wish to transfer from your previous hosting provider. You only need to get in touch with their support team to transfer your website from the previous hosting company; they will take care of the rest.

However, only new clients are eligible for the free migration, and the total size of the website can only be migrated up to 10GB. This implies that there will be extra migration fees if your website is larger than 10GB overall. However, if your website is built with WordPress, you won’t need to worry about it being larger than 10GB in most circumstances.

Inode Count

The inode count represents the number of files and directories that can be stored on your hosting account. It encompasses everything: email, media, databases, and everything else. The following are the inode restrictions for MilesWeb shared and WordPress hosting:

  • Ignite Plan: 50k Inodes
  • Elite Plan: 100k Inodes
  • Stellar Plan: 200k Inodes
  • Alpha Cloud Plan: Unlimited Inodes

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Premium CDN

The MilesWeb website mentions that you will receive premium CDN with your hosting options. However, I could not see any option to activate CDN from my dashboard. When I spoke with their customer service, I discovered they offer CDN. However, this CDN is only installed on the WordPress website.


By default, CDN is not enabled on your hosting plan, and you are not given the opportunity to enable it on your own. Instead, you must submit a support ticket to their staff, and they will enable CDN on your website.

Builder for Websites by MilesWeb

For those who are not tech-savvy but yet want to develop a visually appealing website, MilesWeb provides a free website builder to all of its hosting customers. You can easily create an eye-catching website with our drag-and-drop website builder.

All you have to do to use MilesWeb’s website builder is select a theme from their extensive library of over 850 themes for various categories.

You just need to add your website’s specifics, such as the logo, tagline, and any other information you wish to include, after you’ve decided on a theme. Additionally, you can quickly alter them using their drag-and-drop interface. After that, all it takes to make your website live is a single click.

MilesWeb Pros and Cons

Fast Website loading speed with LiteSpeed web servers.MilesWeb can handle website load with no request failures and stable response time.
Reliable server uptimeYou can activate CDN from your dashboard you have to contact the support team to activate CDN.
Fast website loading speed with LiteSpeed web servers.
UPI payment option available. Which is a is a really convenient option for Indian users.
Call support is available in the Hindi language.
MilesWeb can handle website loads with no request failures and a stable response time.
You can renew all your hosting plans at the same price on which you bought your hosting plan.

MilesWeb Pricing

MilesWeb offers four distinct shared and WordPress hosting solutions. Alpha Cloud, Elite, Stellar, and Ignite. The best value for the money is the Stellar plan, which I have. This is a table that compares each plan.

IgniteEliteStellarAlpha Cloud
Pricing (3 Year)₹60/mo₹110/mo₹198/mo₹596/mo
Free DomainNoNoFor First YearFor First Year
Control PanelDirectAdminDirectAdminDirectAdmincPanel

I included the cost of a three-year plan in the above table since it offers the best value in terms of money tenure. However, you can also purchase hosting if you’d like to do so for a year or a month.

Which strategy do I employ?

Their Stellar package from WordPress Hosting is what I have. MilesWeb provides 100 websites, 200 GB of NVMe SSD storage, and limitless bandwidth with this subscription. You also receive 100 business-class emails, a free domain for the first year, and limitless free migrations in addition to all of these benefits.

The Best Hosting Plan at MilesWeb

I will advise you to choose their best-selling plan, the Stellar plan. I also have the same hosting package, and it’s a great deal for the money. So, this plan is ideal for you if you wish to build a WordPress website. Nevertheless, you might look into their cPanel hosting plans if you require NodeJS support.

Methods of Payment

Almost all payment options are accepted by MilesWeb, including PayPal, UPI payments, and credit and debit cards. Thus, you can pay for your hosting without worrying about the payment methods you use.

The Refund Policy of MilesWeb

What happens if you buy the hosting but end up not liking it for whatever reason? You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee from MilesWeb. As a result, you can buy the plan of your choice, test out its features, and decide whether to stick with it or cancel your hosting and request a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Why Should You Believe My Assessment?

I’m genuinely curious as to why you should believe my assessment. On the internet, there are thousands of reviews. Allow me to explain why my review is important. Since I have been creating blogs and websites since 2017, I have used a variety of hosting services and other digital tools, so I am able to advise you on which one is the finest and has the capabilities you require.

YouTube video

FAQs: MilesWeb Review

Is MilesWeb Good For Hosting?

Yes, MilesWeb is an excellent Indian hosting company that offers improved security, lightning-fast website loading times, and much more.

Which Hosting is Best In India?

MilesWeb is the greatest choice for you if a large portion of your audience is from India because they have data centers there, which guarantees that your website will load quickly. MilesWeb is also a reasonably priced hosting company that offers good value for money.

What are the payment methods supported by MilesWeb?

MilesWeb accepts all major payment methods, including PayPal, UPI, debit cards, net banking, and credit cards. You can make payments on MilesWeb using any of these options.

Does MilesWeb have a refund policy?

Yes, MilesWeb has a 30-day refund policy, which means you can purchase your desired hosting package, test it, and then request a refund within 30 days.

Which is the best MilesWeb Hosting plan?

If you need shared or WordPress hosting, the Stellar plan is the ideal option for you. I’m using the same plan, and it provides all of the features I require.

Does MilesWeb offer free website migration?

MilesWeb provides limitless website migration for free to new users, however your website’s total size must be less than 10GB; if your website exceeds this restriction, there will be an extra price for website transfer.

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