Blocksy vs GeneratePress: Which is the Best WordPress Theme for You?

The two best WordPress themes are contrasted in this post: Blocksy vs GeneratePress.

If you have been using WordPress for a while, you have probably heard of GeneratePress. However, the Blocksy WordPress theme is quite new, and due to its characteristics, it is becoming rather popular these days.

You should compare Blocksy and GeneratePress, two robust, multi-purpose, blogging-friendly themes, to choose which is ideal for you.

What is Blocksy WordPress theme?

Blocksy is a feature-rich, multipurpose WordPress theme that is free of charge and extremely quick.

A freemium theme is Blocksy for WordPress. In other words, Blocksy is free to use forever. But you must use Blocksy Pro, a commercial Blocksy plugin, if you want to take your website to the next level.

Your go-to theme for building an affiliate and blogging website, an e-commerce product website, or a service-based website is Blocksy Pro.

See Blocksy free vs. pro for further details on the features that come with the paid version of the theme.

Update: There are now over 100,000 active WordPress installations of the Blocksy theme.

What is GeneratePress?

The theme, GeneratePress, is quick, versatile, and packed with features. in contrast to previous themes developed a few years earlier. For the previous six years, GeneratePress has existed.

Because of its speed, stability, and versatility in usage, it has made a name for itself in the WordPress industry.

I would suggest using GeneratePress if you know a little bit about the CSS front-end. Since this theme saves time by omitting features that are superfluous and may require coding,. If it’s your desire to use them,.

While the free edition of GeneratePress isn’t very feature-rich, the premium version will definitely entice you to use it.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress Overview

The general comparison between GP Premium and Blocksy Pro is done below.

Fast Performance
Gutenberg Based
Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Fully Responsive
RTL & translation are ready
Page Builder IntegrationElementor, Beaver
Builder, Brizy, and Gutenberg
Elementor, Beaver
Builder, Gutenberg
Header & Footer Builder
Header Elements15
Footer Elements15
Sticky Header
Sticky Footer
Conditional Headers & Footers
Mobile Header Builder
Conditional Sidebars
Content Blocks/Elements (Hooks)
Mega Menus
Advanced Post, Page,
Category & Product Layouts
Related Posts
Author Box with social sharing
Dedicated Author Page
Share Box
Trending Posts
Reset, Import/Export Options

Blocksy and GeneratePress Comparison

While using builders to create headers & footers is not as simple with GeneratePress, it is still possible to obtain free SVG icons and use them with GeneratePress elements.

Additionally, with basic CSS and plugins like GenerateBlocks and WP Show Posts, you can quickly construct author pages, author boxes, advanced pages, and post layouts connected to GeneratePress.

I have incorporated every function needed for a business website. Let’s begin contrasting the two topics now.

Is Blocksy a Good Theme?

Blocksy is a lightweight and quick theme that was made with the newest technologies, including WebPack, Babel, and React. You also receive an abundance of features. Thus, Blocksy is a good theme, indeed.

The current focus of the WordPress theme market is on which theme is more feature-rich and operates faster.

The device with the best balance of customization and performance possibilities will undoubtedly leap to the top.

Blocksy Official Home Page
Blocksy Official Home Page

Blocksy Pros & Cons


  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • Header/Footer Builder with multiple elements
  • Granular design controls and spacing options
  • Blocksy lets you easily create beautiful Mega Menus
  • Blocksy Conditional Sidebars
  • Author Box with Social Sharing Channel Section
  • Trending Posts & Related Posts with Carousel
  • In-built read-time feature for single posts and pages
  • Lots of WooCommerce Extra features
  • Whitelabel


  • Has a lower number of starter sites than GeneratePress
  • Very little documentation is available
  • It comes with a lot of features, could take time to learn
  • Has had many updates. This happens with new-to-the-market themes

Is GeneratePress worth it?

One of the earliest and most stylish WordPress themes, GeneratePress, comes with a separate theme customizer. It is a modular theme that may be used for many purposes. GeneratePress is an SEO-friendly and responsive theme.

Therefore, GeneratePress is definitely worthwhile.

You cannot get as many features with GeneratePress as you can with Blocksy. However, the motif is more homemade in nature. Various sophisticated features, such as related posts, author boxes, and social share sections, can be manually created.

If you use plugins or have to manually generate the necessary items, GenratePress can be thought of as a Blocksy substitute.

To begin, you must have some coding knowledge and understand that these tasks take time.

However, that is the drawback for those who require a theme that loads quickly.

GeneratePress Homepage

GeneratePress Pros & Cons


  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • Very good Typography & Color Controls
  • Very Secure & Stable
  • More no. of Starter Sites to choose from
  • Tons of Documentation
  • Impeccable Support System
  • 1 license for 500 websites


  • The free version comes with very limited features
  • No Header/Footer Builder
  • You need to code CSS in order to create Mega Menus
  • No white-label feature

Blocksy vs GeneratePress: A Comparative Analysis of Installations, Reviews, and Ratings

It is crucial that we take notice of the quantity of installations, reviews, and ratings for each of these themes before beginning the actual technical comparison.

Note: We are contrasting a theme that has been around for around three years with another theme that has established a strong foundation during the previous eight years.

ThemeAdded To WordPressActive InstallationsReviewsRatings
Blocksy3 Years Ago100,000+Total: 708
5/5 – 707
GeneratePress8 Years Ago500,000+Total: 1365
5/5 – 1338

All information has been sourced from WordPress.

Is Blocksy faster than GeneratePress?

For the Blocksy vs GeneratePress performance test, I used two separate sites on the same hosting with the same set of plugins.

The Blocksy theme customizer allows you to simply enable and disable extra page features.

I enabled the following.

  • Featured Image
  • Share Box
  • Author Box
  • Posts navigation
  • Related Posts Comments
  • Read Progress

Note: It is worth noting that none of these sites have a cache plugin, AMP, or page builder installed.

Furthermore, I tested the identical blog page with an equal number of photographs on both sites.

Blocksy Website Speed Test

I ran a brief Google Page Speed Insights speed test.

Blocksy Website Speed Test – Mobile
Blocksy Website Speed Test (Mobile)

And, for the desktop,.

Blocksy Website Speed Test – Desktop
Blocksy Website Speed Test (Desktop)

The FCP and speed index for the Blocksy website on mobile are slightly higher. This is because no AMP, no cache plugin, and shared hosting were utilized.

Now, let’s have a look at the GeneratePress results.

GeneratePress Website Speed Test

Similarly, visit the GeneratePress website.

GeneratePress Website Speed Test – Mobile
GeneratePress Website Speed Test (Mobile)

Unlike Blocksy, our GeneratePress site performed well under FCP but had a moderate LCP.

That’s okay. FCP and LCP are not particularly horrible in either theme.

Let’s look at the desktop results.

GeneratePress Website Speed Test – Desktop
GeneratePress Website Speed Test (Desktop)


Remember that I activated most of the Single Posts functionality on the Blocksy website?

This is why the GeneratePress site desktop speed test yields such a high performance score.

Aside from the Featured Image and Page Navigation, you’ll need to manually develop or install plugins for GeneratePress Related Posts, Author Box, and Read Progress.

If done, there will undoubtedly be a decline in performance. Except if you are using a high-performance cache plugin.

Blocksy Pro comes out on top for me. With so many customization options, you may achieve excellent performance results.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress: Header & Footer Builder

Every theme in this business must be able to create headers and footers on a WordPress website with ease.

Blocksy is a free theme that includes a header and footer builder but has few other features.

Blocksy Pro, on the other hand, provides a plethora of features to help you create the most stunning header and footer for your website.

However, GeneratePress does not offer a header and footer builder. Instead, there’s something else.

Blocksy Header Builder and Elements

Blocksy provides an excellent header builder for desktop and a different one for mobile layouts.

Blocksy Header Builder

It’s just a simple drag-and-drop. This means that any non-technical user can start creating amazing websites from scratch.

Note: When you install the free version of the Blocksy companion plugin, you will receive a translucent and sticky header.

Consider the quantity of header elements you get with Blocksy Pro.

Blocksy Pro Header Elements

Blocksy Footer Builder with Elements

Similarly, the Blocksy Footer Builder is as simple as the Header Builder.

You receive three rows, including the usual copyright message row.

Let’s look at all of the Blocksy footer elements.

Blocksy Footer Elements

Blocksy Pro: Conditional Headers and Footers

With the premium edition of the Blocksy WordPress theme, users may quickly construct several headers and footers and apply them to various parts of their website.

These are known as conditional headers and footers. Normally, you’d have to write some PHP and CSS code. However, using Blocksy Pro, it only takes a few clicks.

Blocksy Pro Conditional Header and Footer

Isn’t this theme amazing?

Let’s explore what we can accomplish using GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Header Builder

GeneratePress does not provide a header builder in the theme customizer.

You can only use this function if you have GP Premium. It is under the GeneratePress Elements category.

Generatepress Header Element

When you select the Header Element, you will be presented with a dashboard similar to the GeneratePress Header Builder.

Add a new title to your header element, select merging if you want the header to merge with the page hero, upload the site logo, and choose the navigation option.

GeneratePress Site Header Settings

This is also known as a GeneratePress Page Header because you may customize the display rules to appear anywhere or everywhere on your site.

The following tab discusses Page Hero. This is often used when you want dynamic page hero content.

GeneratePress Page Hero Settings

For example, on the BloggingIdol website, I used featured photographs of articles to appear as Page Heroes on all single entries.

Finally, you may set display guidelines for where your page header should be shown.

This is an example of a flawlessly designed GeneratePress custom header.

I agree that it isn’t as simple and intuitive as the Blocksy Header Builder. However, you may still build several headers with various styles.

GeneratePress Footer Builder

The footer builder, like the GeneratePress header builder, does not allow you to drag & drop elements from two to three footer rows.

Instead, you’ll have to work around the GeneratePress Blocks and GenerateBlocks plugins.

GenerateBlocks is a free plugin featuring primarily four blocks.

  • Grid
  • Container
  • Buttons
  • Headline

GeneratePress Blocks differ from GenerateBlocks. It is a block-type element included with the GeneratePress theme. GenerateBlocks is a standalone plugin.

GenerateBlocks is a freemium plugin. Specifically, the free GenerateBlocks plugin includes the Grid, Container, Buttons, and Headline blocks.

However, GenerateBlocks Pro provides a wide range of additional capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Styling
  • Custom Attributes
  • Advanced Backgrounds
  • 150+ Professional Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Blocks Effects
  • Asset Library
  • Container Hover Effects

Let’s return to the GeneratePress Footer Builder.

To create stunning GeneratePress footers, add a new GeneratePress Blocks Element.

GeneratePress Block Element
GeneratePress Block Element

Once you’ve accessed the block element page, provide a title and choose Site Footer Hook.

This uses the block element as a site-wide footer. Unless you’ve utilized specific exclusions in the under-display rules,.

GeneratePress Custom Footer Block
GeneratePress Custom Footer Block

Later, utilize GenerateBlocks Plugins to select a three-layout grid and add the site logo and GeneratePress footer widgets to each one.

This is another GeneratePress Custom Hook, similar to the one used to create a header, but for the footer.

It is not very user-friendly, but it does an excellent job.

Winner: Blocksy.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress : Content Blocks vs Elements

The next comparison we’ll do is between Blocksy Content Blocks and GeneratePress Elements.

Blocksy and GeneratePress both have significant premium features called Content Blocks and Elements. These features allow you to effortlessly deploy blocks or elements to multiple pages or posts on your website.

They include a display rule tool that allows you to simply include or exclude specific elements of your website.

For example, you can construct a newsletter subscription pop-up modal that appears whenever a new user attempts to leave your website.

Blocksy Content Blocks

Content Blocks is a Blocksy Pro theme feature. These are essentially Blocksy hooks.

When you try to add new Content Blocks, the dashboard displays five sorts of blocks:

  • Custom Content Hooks
  • PopUp Template
  • 404 Page Template
  • Header Template
  • Footer Template
Blocksy Content Blocks
Blocksy Content Blocks

In reality, Blocksy Hooks includes extensive Blocksy Page Settings on the left-hand side.

It offers settings for container structure, location & priority, display conditions, expiration date & time, block position, and device visibility.

Blocksy Content Blocks Page Settings
Blocksy Content Blocks Page Settings

Create top bars, custom headers, footers, sidebars, pop-ups, sections, and whatever else you require.

My favorite feature here is the Expiration Date/Time option. It allows you to easily add the date and time for each portion that you want to expire automatically without having to look at the blocks again.

For example, suppose you’re running a promotional deal that’s placed at the top of your entire website. If you want it to go away automatically after a few days, Blocksy Pro can do that.

The 404 Page Template Block is remarkably similar to the one seen in the Blocksy Pro Theme Customizer.

Blocksy Header and Footer Templates provide greater flexibility over display conditions, user authorizations, and user roles.

Furthermore, the coolest block here is the Pop Up Modal Content Block, which has pop-up location, size, animation, speed, trigger circumstances, and many design parameters.

Blocksy Pro has a lot of hooks.

Blocksy Pro has a lot of hooks.

GeneratePress Elements

The elements found under GeneratePress Elements are as follows:

  • Block
  • Hook
  • Layout
  • Header

The GeneratePress Block Element allows you to easily generate hooks, custom headers & footers, sidebars, page heroes, and content templates.

GeneratePress Elements

GeneratePress Hooks enables you to easily add custom code using Hooks.

Hooks are specific areas across the entire webpage. The reason hooks are placed in a theme is so that the user can add custom code without affecting the theme’s core files.

For example, you’d like to include breadcrumbs on your GeneratePress website. Simply enable the elements module, add a hook, and choose the hook option “generate_before_content.”. Provide the PHP code, and you’re done.

List of GeneratePress hooks.

List of GeneratePress Hooks;

Blocksy has a pop-up block and expiration date/time options. GeneratePress provides a large number of hooks.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress: Page, Post and Category Layouts

Layouts are one of the most important aspects in a premium theme.

Themes with several layouts are frequently more popular and installed than those with fewer alternatives.

Let’s take a look at the Post Layouts, Page Layouts, and Category Layouts in this Blocksy vs GeneratePress comparison.

We’ll start with the Blocksy Page Layout, then the Author Page Layout, and finally the Search Page Layout.

Blocksy Post and Page Customizer Options

Later, we’ll examine at all of the Post type layouts in Blocksy Pro.

Finally, look at the options GeneratePress provides for posts, pages, and categories.

Blocksy Page Layout

A standard Blocksy Page Layout provides four sorts of page structures: narrow, normal, page with left sidebar, and page with right sidebar.

You can choose to make the Content Area Style broad or boxed for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.

Blocksy Page Layout Settings
Blocksy Page Layout Settings

In addition, the Blocksy WP theme has toggle switches for the Page Title, Featured Image, Share Box, Comments, and Read Progress (available exclusively in Blocksy Pro).

Blocksy Author Page Layout

Unlike many other premium themes, Blocksy includes an author page layout, which is very useful for customizing author pages on a website.

This functionality is most typically utilized by blogging sites that require the display of several author profiles and guest authors on their pages.

Blocksy Author Page Layout

The Blocksy author page structures are as follows:

Simple page structure, with a name and brief author information.

Classic author page structure that features a large image and a lengthy excerpt.

Grid-style page structure displays a 3-tile grid with thumbnail images and brief information.

Enhanced Grid begins with a 2-tile grid and progresses to a 3-tile page grid.

Default Gutenberg style. Author Page Structure: The author’s name appears on top of the image, followed by a brief excerpt.

The Author Page Layout theme customizer settings provide a variety of columns and posts with card options, as well as an optional sidebar.

Blocksy Search Page

The Blocksy Search Page settings in the Blocksy Theme Customizer are nearly identical to those found under the Blocksy Author Page Layout.

It has a page title, 5 page structures to pick from, column and post count settings, card options, and a sidebar.

Blocksy Search Page Layout

My favorite part of this is the live results option. This setting displays live results when your visitors use the main search icon (found in the primary menu).

Blocksy  Blog Post Layout

Blocksy provides 5 blog structure designs that allow you to exhibit all of your blogs on one page while also providing multiple pagination options.

Blocksy Blog Posts Layout

Blocksy, like the other settings mentioned above, provides Card Options and the ability to select Sidebar on the Blog Post page.

You also receive the Cards Reveal Effect feature, which creates a cool reveal effect when your visitor hovers their mouse over each blog postcard.

Blocksy Posts Filter

I like the Posts Filter choices, which include two design styles, filtering behavior, filter source, spacing settings, alignment, and visibility across different devices.

Blocksy Single Blog Posts & Category Pages

With Blocksy’s Single Post Layout, you get four different post structure designs, the ability to display your content wide or boxed, vertical spacing for content, and post/page elements.

The best thing about Blocksy Pro is the elements it provides under the Single Blog Posts settings.

Blocksy Single Blog Post Layout
Blocksy Single Blog Post Layout

You can turn on or off the following post elements and page elements:

Post Elements

  • Featured Image
  • Post Tags
  • Share Box
  • Author Box
  • Posts Navigation

Page Elements

  • Related Posts
  • Comments
  • Read Progress

There are also more parameters available for each of them. For example, what kind of design you wanted them to have, how and where they would appear on the Single Blog Post.

Changing the basic blog structure design, generating boxed or covered styled cards, and using the cards reveal effect can all help you create a distinctive Blocksy Custom Post Type.

The category page options are nearly comparable to those we saw on the Blocksy Search Page. The only difference between the two is that Category Pages do not include Search Live Results, a feature option available in the theme customizer.

However, this does not imply that the search feature is ineffective on certain pages.

Searches function normally throughout the site.

Now it’s time to have a look at GeneratePress, its replacement.

GeneratePress Blog Layout

When compared to the Blocksy WP theme, the theme customizer for GeneratePress blog pages has less options.

However, to use these options, you must have GP Premium.

GP Premium includes a Blog Module, which should be enabled if you wish to fine-tune your GeneratePress blog style.

GeneratePress Blog Page Settings

As shown here, the Content Section has two tabs: Archives and Single Blog Posts, while the Featured Images Section has three tabs: Archives, Posts, and Pages.

To conclusion, I can claim that even the GeneratePress premium version theme does not have more Post, Page, and Category layout possibilities than Blocksy.

Blocksy not only has fundamental layout structure options, but it also allows you to enable or disable various page/post elements, design settings for each choice, and so forth.

To develop a professional GeneratePress blog template that stands out and looks like the one Blocksy provides, you must be willing to use GeneratePress hooks, the GenerateBlocks plugin, and CSS code to add the finishing touch.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress Layouts Overview

Features SummaryBlocksyGeneratePress
Page/Post Layouts4Default
Share BoxYes, pages & postsNo
Author BoxYes, with author’s
post counts & social links
Author PageYes, with conditional sidebars
& cards option
Read ProgressYesNo
Related PostsYes, complete related posts
granular control
Sticky SidebarYes, multiple last
widget sticky

Winner: Blocksy

Blocksy vs GeneratePress Starter Sites

Many users choose the theme with the most beginning sites or templates based on their client’s industry.

As a result, it is critical to compare Blocksy vs. GeneratePress beginner sites in order to have a clear sense of how many starter templates each of these themes offers.

Blocksy Starter Websites

Blocksy has kept its consumers satisfied for the past two years by offering more for less.

They currently have 28 Blocksy Starter Sites categorized as General, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Electronics, Marketing, Law, and so on.

Blocksy Starter Sites

All of these Blocksy Starter Templates are free. You do not require the Blocksy Pro theme to utilize them, and they are compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, and Brizy page builders.

GeneratePress Starter Websites

To access the GeneratePress Starter Sites, you must upgrade to GP Premium.

The free GeneratePress edition does not include any starter sites from the GeneratePress Site Library.

GeneratePress has been on the market for a long time and has always met the expectations of its customers. They have approximately 97 starter sites displayed on the GeneratePress dashboard.

Note: For clarity, the Starter Sites section is also known as the GeneratePress Site Library part.

GeneratePress Site Library
GeneratePress Site Library

Like the Blocksy WordPress theme, GeneratePress supports major page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Starter SitesBlocksyGeneratePress
Page Builder IntegrationGutenberg, Elementor,
Gutenberg, Elementor,
Beaver Builder
Other Optionprompts for installing
Blocksy Child Theme
Prompts for installing
Page Builder

Note: The majority of starter sites from the Site Library are constructed using the GeneratePress translucent header approach.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress: Documentation & Support

This is another key factor to consider when purchasing a theme.

Blocksy, which is new to the WordPress ecosystem, does not have as many documented articles as GeneratePress.

Blocksy is a theme that includes many features and allows users to turn them on or off directly.

On the other hand, GeneratePress is well-known for its speed and performance. As a result, the creators have not packed this theme with extra functionality. Making it more like a DIY theme.

When a theme has less functions, you must start generating the looks and designs yourself. That requires assistance at every stage.

This increases the quantity of ‘How To’ and other technology-related articles in GeneratePress documentation.

Nonetheless, Blocksy maintains an official documentation page where all of their ‘How To’ articles are categorized.

Blocksy Official Documentation

In addition to technical documentation papers, they feature a YouTube channel and a Facebook group. Users can directly ask questions and receive curated responses from developers and other experts in the group.

Blocksy Creative Themes YouTube Channel
Blocksy Creative Themes YouTube Channel

Blocksy premium theme offers a support system that promises to respond to each ticket within 24 hours. In some circumstances, a support agent attempts to address the ticket within the first 2 to 3 hours of its submission.

GeneratePress, on the other hand, is a very popular theme with extensive documentation available on their official website, YouTube channel, and other third-party sources on the internet.

GeneratePress Support
GeneratePress Support

GeneratePress offers an excellent support system and is well-known within the WordPress theme business.


This is one of the most important parameters to grasp before making a purchase, and I’ll go over all of the pricing data for both themes.

Blocksy Pricing

To begin with, Blocksy is a freemium theme. This means that there are two versions of the Blocksy theme: free and pro.

Check out my article for additional information on what you receive with Blocksy Pro.

The Blocksy pricing strategy is based on on-site licenses; the more licenses required, the higher the cost.

Blocksy Pricing
Blocksy Pricing
Blocksy PricingYearlyLifetime

Blocksy Annual & Lifetime Pricing

Note: The Blocksy Whitelabel feature is only accessible on the agency plan.

All Blocksy premium plans include a 14-day refund period and a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress The WordPress theme likewise uses a freemium approach, including both free and paid editions.

The most popular name for the GeneratePress premium edition is GP Premium.

GeneratePress Review: The Best WordPress Theme for Speed and Performance (February 2024)

GeneratePress’s free version differs significantly from Blocksy’s. It has very minimal functionality. So, if you plan to use GeneratePress, I recommend that you invest in GP Premium.

Note: GeneratePress focuses on its main strength, theme performance. As a result, it lacks a few capabilities that can be added manually or through the use of plugins.

GeneratePress Pricing
GeneratePress Pricing

Both plans have the same features, the same number of sites from the GeneratePress Site Library, and support for 500 websites (500 licenses).

The GeneratePress lifetime package includes lifetime updates, premium support, and access to future releases for life.

GP premium yearly or lifetime plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

FAQs: Blocksy vs GeneratePress

Is the Blocksy theme fast?

According to Google Speed Tests for both Blocksy and GeneratePress, I saw a modest improvement in desktop speed using the GeneratePress theme. Overall, both Blocksy and GeneratePress produced the same results on desktop and mobile platforms.

Is Blocksy responsive?

Yes, Blocksy is a fully responsive theme that supports desktop, tablet, and mobile views. In fact, the theme customizer provides separate settings for all three display devices.

Does the Blocksy theme work with Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder, while Blocksy is a WordPress theme. As a result, Blocksy Theme integrates well with Elementor Page Builder.

Is Blocksy a page builder?

builder,No, Blocksy is not a page builder. Although the tools available in the theme customizer may lead one to believe that Blocksy is a page builder,. The Header and Footer Builder, different post, page, and category page design structures, button and form options, and so on all contribute to the fact that modifying a Blocksy website is much easier than with any other theme.

Is GeneratePress Premium worth it?

Of course, GeneratePress Premium is completely worth paying for, given its popularity and widespread use in the WordPress ecosystem. For starters, it provides the best website performance; with GeneratePress Hooks, you can do anything with your website. The theme has fewer customization options, but nothing that cannot be learned through their online documentation pages.

Is GeneratePress suitable for beginners?

GeneratePress lacks a few modern features seen in most of the new high-performance multipurpose themes, such as Blocksy. So, if you’re not comfortable coding, I wouldn’t recommend GeneratePress for novices. Due to a lack of features, the user would have to either install plugins, which would slow down performance, or manually hard code the functions.

Conclusion: Blocksy vs GeneratePress

Blocksy and GeneratePress are two popular multipurpose WordPress themes. They are not only speedy and mobile-friendly, but also responsive and search engine-friendly.

The developers of the Blocksy WP theme have made the theme so basic that coding is unnecessary. If you truly want to make something, I recommend using GenerateBlocks for the GeneratePress theme and Stackable for the Blocksy theme.

If you are familiar with coding PHP and CSS, I recommend GeneratePress. Otherwise, Blocksy is an excellent theme that is as quick as GeneratePress and includes numerous customization options.

Blocksy is ideal for creating eCommerce stores.

The decision is difficult to make. They each outshine each other in some way.

Given all of the criteria, if I had to choose just one, I would undoubtedly go with Blocksy Pro. Especially for the few functionalities that are not included with GeneratePress.

Furthermore, for a newcomer, pricing is always a key consideration. That is why Blocksy offers a low-cost package that supports up to a single license.

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