Serpple Review: The Most Affordable and Accurate Keyword Rank Tracker on the Market

Serpple Review: You’ll notice a few intriguing changes if, like me, you’re keeping up with the SEO software business.

AI is now being used by the best tools, and there are more of them than ever at lower costs.

Serpple is a prime illustration of this.

I have ranked (and taken) websites using a variety of SEO tools.

Nevertheless, Serpple has pleased me; therefore, I believe it merits assessment.

Naturally, no SEO tool is flawless.

I shall thus discuss the positive, negative, and ugly aspects of this review.

Now let’s get started!

What is a Serpple?

Serpple is essentially a SERP keyword rank tracker, as the name would imply.

The search engine results page, or SERP, for short, is a newbie to SEO. Stated differently, the outcomes of a Google search.

Maintaining a high search engine ranking is, in some ways, one of the most important criteria for an SEO to monitor. Along with many other features, Serpple lets customers monitor daily keyword fluctuations and get recommendations for relevant keywords.

Overview of key features

1. Dashboard


Although it’s not a common feature, Serpple can surely benefit from it. That’s where the majority of the tool’s worth lies, in my opinion. It’s also visually appealing and intuitive, in my opinion. Because I’m not good with numbers, the UI/UX makes it simple for me to understand what’s going on.

Additionally, the dashboard contains a useful function called “Manage Widgets” that lets users change the widgets on it to fit their preferred arrangement.


It’s important to note that the cannibalization tool has several applications. Many search engine optimizers fail to notice that their website contains competitive material that undermines their chances of ranking for a desired keyword. You’ll need to carry out a content audit in order to figure this out with additional tools like Ahrefs.

2. Keywords (rankings here)


The product’s keyword feature is perhaps its most crucial component. Your keywords will all show up on the website, along with some basic performance statistics. Users will notice “Today’s Performance” at the top of the page, which provides a broad summary of your keywords’ daily performance. The Mangools Performance Index and this are remarkably comparable.

One feature that I thought was helpful was the SEO audit feature linked to every page. You may rapidly identify what needs to be changed by auditing the page if you’re not ranking for the desired keyword. Toggle the list display to show more keywords in your viewport if you are one of those users with hundreds or thousands of keywords.

It was also quite simple to add new keywords; just navigate to “Add Keyword” and follow the instructions. It is recommended that you select mobile as the platform because Google indexes mobile content first; if not, enter the keyword again to select both. You could use text uploads or bulk CSV files for this.


3. Content Audit


These days, content audits are very popular. Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) in SEO tools have made content audits more precise and useful for site owners in assessing whether or not their content matches user intent. Even if this approach has several drawbacks, it should nevertheless be used.

Though Serpple doesn’t use AI or NLP, so the content audits aren’t as useful as other tools, I was nevertheless really thrilled by this function.

You may not need this feature if you currently use anything like Surfer SEO or Clearscope. I didn’t find it useful, as the majority of my content is already optimized.


Furthermore, I think the suggestions are extremely simplistic. The majority of CMS SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO or Rankmath, will indicate to you in the content editor whether the page requires a longer or shorter title tag.


4. Backlink Manager

Backlink Manager

This is another feature that didn’t really excite me. Backlink tracking and identification at scale is considerably more effectively handled by Ahrefs, SE Ranking, and Semrush. Additionally, I fail to understand the need for manually adding backlinks to monitors when there are readily available free tools like Ahrefs’ backlink checker.

In order to create a backlink, you must enter every single piece of information about the link, which takes a lot of effort and has no apparent advantage. It is not recommended to use this functionality.


I could be using this incorrectly, so please ignore my thoughts if I am. In the end, I didn’t find this specific function to be intuitive or helpful, which is okay because it’s not the primary reason I use this tool.

5. Keyword Opportunities

5. Keyword Opportunities

I found the keyword chances feature to be intriguing, as it suggested numerous related and pertinent terms that I ought to investigate. While I wouldn’t depend on it, this tool is undoubtedly “nice to have” for keyword research.

If you don’t have a paid content auditing solution, this becomes much more crucial. To make my material more thorough, I needed to include variations or comparable keywords to the majority of the suggested keywords.

6. Competitor AI

6. Competitor AI

I must admit, I really adore this function! I detest manually reviewing some of the websites that I want to keep a careful watch on in the SERPs. I included a couple of rival websites that rank for similar keywords to mine. The performance of each for the same keywords was monitored by the tool.

Since the majority of SEOs keep a careful eye on a few websites, I’m sure this feature would be beneficial. A content gap audit is the closest thing you can do to this, as it allows you to see the keywords your competitors are ranking for at any given time in addition to the ones you’re missing.

7. Reports


This is my very favorite Serpple feature—and it may be yours as well if you manage an agency. Users can transmit a live report URL, white label a report, and schedule reports to be emailed to particular recipients using the reports function.


Developing the live report function is worthwhile. This is the simplest method for clients who require updates continuously; just select the widgets you wish to distribute and click generate (or regenerate if you modify it).

This is how the report will appear:


Serpple Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
✅ Great value for money❌ The keyword suggestions aren’t that accurate
✅ Very capable rank tracker❌ Backlink monitoring tool is tedious and annoying to use
✅ Competitor AI is genuinely helpful for measuring your competitor’s performance more easily❌ Content audit feature isn’t that helpful
✅  One of the cheapest tools for tracking up to 500 keywords
✅ The reports feature has a white-label tool which is great for agencies

Serpple Pricing

Monthly pricing:

Monthly pricing:
  • Side Hustler:  $19 a month for 1 domain, 100 tracked keywords, and a restricted number of credits for content audits and keywords.
  • Entrepreneur: 500 tracked keywords, an infinite number of domains, 500 keyword recommendations, and 100 content audits for $29 a month.
  • Agency: 3000 tracked keywords, unlimited domains, 1000 keyword recommendations, and 500 content audits for $99 a month.

Yearly pricing:

  • Side Hustler: $190 a year for one domain, 100 tracked keywords, and a restricted number of credits for content audits and keywords.
  • Entrepreneur: 500 tracked keywords, an infinite number of domains, 500 keyword recommendations, and 100 content audits for $290 a year.
  • Agency: $3000 tracked keywords, unlimited domains, 1000 keyword recommendations, 500 content audits for $990 a year.

Serpple Reviews

Serpple Reviews

Unsurprisingly, Serpple reviews are excellent.

Serpple has a rating of 4.4 stars on G2, yet a rating of 5 stars on Capterra. Since the count is so low, it’s difficult to determine how accurate this is; yet, every review I’ve seen has been largely positive.

Users adore these characteristics the most, based on a scan of the majority of these reviews:

  • The clean design 
  • The SERP tracking functionality 
  • The Competitor AI tool makes tracking competitors simple

My Honest verdict

In my opinion, Serpple is a useful SEO tool that is underappreciated and has extra functions. You won’t find another tool this affordable with the same value for only $19 a month. After completing your study on keywords and creating a content strategy, you won’t require every element included in a costly full-suite SEO tool. Thus, I advise SEOs who wish to cut costs, monitor their keywords, and share their results with others to check out Serpple.

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