15 Best Programming Blogs to Learn Coding and Development in 2024

We can manipulate computer systems with specific abilities thanks to the intriguing field of programming. Numerous fields, including robots, self-driving cars, traffic management, aircraft, mobile applications, and websites, can benefit from its use.

The key issue at hand is that programmers have created a variety of programming languages, each of which is suitable for addressing a different kind of problem.

We’re going to present you with several websites and the Best Programming Blogs of 2024 that talk about different programming languages and how to use them most effectively.

We’ll go over the best programming blogs below, which will help you become an expert in software development as well as help you grasp these languages.

15 Best Programming Blogs to Bookmark for March 2024

1. Geeks for geeks


Geeks for Geek is a useful blog for inexperienced developers. The blog entries cover web application development, machine learning, and programming languages like Python, C, C++, and Java. The way the training materials are organized guides developers through each step.

Reading blogs and articles that offer basic information on the technology and how it is installed can be a good place to start. The ensuing papers cover basic operations, common operators, and data types. You can move to more challenging content, such as using specific frameworks and libraries, once you have learned the foundations.

Developers can easily learn programming from the code samples that are included in almost every post, which are necessary to create a particular functionality. The papers often contain examples to aid in the reader’s understanding of the subject.

2. Real Python

Real Python

Without a doubt, Python is a flexible language. Thus, Python can be utilized to develop embedded programs, websites, games, mobile applications, and machine learning projects.

Real Python is a website that, as its name suggests, is only devoted to offering top-notch blogs, tutorials, and courses on the Python programming language. Among the top programming blogs, this one is excellent.

Nowadays, Python is taught as the first programming language in many schools across the globe. I would strongly advise you to visit their website and follow their detailed instructions if you’re just getting started.

3. HACKER Noon

Hacker Noon is a community-run website, much like DEV. More than seven thousand writers write about a wide range of pertinent issues for software developers.

Programming, startups, technology, entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and other related topics are among its main topics.

You must familiarize yourself with the business aspects of technology and software. For this reason, HackerNoor can be a fantastic resource for learning programming and how to make money doing it.

4. Hackr.io Blog

Hackr.io Blog

Hackr.io is essentially a platform where anyone may take programming lessons, with the top students moving up the ranks. This website is recommended because the team behind it regularly publishes useful guides and advice for software engineers.

You might study software testing, interview questions, Java projects, and a host of other subjects.

However, bear in mind that they write about a completely different topic every time they release a piece. Therefore, it might not be the right blog for you to follow if you have a specific programming language in mind.

5. Droids On Roids Blog

Droids On Roids Blog

Are you interested in finding out more about creating mobile apps?

This website frequently publishes coding blogs with best practices and how-to articles that are appropriate for beginners. You’ll discover how important creating top-notch user experiences is.

They offer information on a range of frameworks and technologies for developing apps, such as Flutter, iOS, Android, and iOS 7.

To be informed about the newest trends in mobile development, follow them.

6. Lynda


Lynda is one of the best websites for most people worldwide to learn programming online, offering more than 6,000 courses covering anything from WordPress to PHP. You can use Lynda quizzes to evaluate your performance.

Naturally, Lynda also offers courses on other subjects. However, you can rank this as one of the best websites for programming blogs.

You have to be curious to find out more about the subjects covered in this blog about programming. Although Lynda covers a wide range of subjects, here are some web development-related courses you might find:

  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • WordPress
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • React.js

Would you like to discover what features set this product apart for coding education? Conversely, Lynda is an upscale virtual education company that teaches you everything from web design to coding to 3D automation. You can use the different video classes it offers to learn better coding on your computer or tablet.

7. Udemy


Over 65,000 amazing online courses on subjects like WordPress, Python, and graphic design are available on the best platform, Udemy.

Which topics does this blog about programming cover?

These are some of the web development and programming courses available on Udemy.

  • C++ Tutorials and Courses
  • PHP YouTube tutorials
  • Python Training
  • Tutorials for Java and Javascript
  • WordPress Instructions
  • HTML Instructions

In other words, you can learn almost everything about programming and coding through text- and video-based courses if you want to get better at coding.

With a one-time payment, you may acquire lifetime access to online courses on any subject you’re interested in from Udemy, a premium online course marketplace.

8. Android Development

Android Development

If you’re looking for the best instructional source to help you design Android apps, this is the ideal platform to learn anything from building your first app to using system permissions.

Which topics is this blog on programming addressing?

These are some of the topics and information about Android programming that you will learn about on this wonderful site.

  • Android Programming
  • UX design
  • Animation and graphics
  • Java,

This is the official site that millions of eager Android developers use to begin developing their first apps. You’ll have access to all the tools you need to create an Android app, including Android Studio, on the website itself, which can be a great place to polish your skills in Android app development.

9. Kodeco


Thousands of code geeks around the world read Kodeco, one of the best blogs for learning to program. The greatest selection of Swift and iOS video lessons may be found there. It was formerly called Raywenderlich.

Which topics does this blog about programming cover?

Some of the most useful topics and programming languages on this website are listed below.

  • The principles of the Swift language are covered in a number of tutorials.
  • Unity: Excellent C# tutorials on Unity-related issues, as well as lessons covering a wide range of iOS-related topics
  • Excellent Java courses covering Android topics
  • OS X: An excellent compilation of practical Swift courses covering a range of OS X topics.

Kodeco’s site is quite popular because of the excellent tutorials he shares there. More than 1800 tutorials covering every facet of Swift and iOS programming are available on the website.

If you want to watch free videos and learn how to develop in Swift and iOS, here is the right place for you. The best part is that each week, new video courses will be introduced to help you learn more about those programming languages.

10. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks

In 2007, Chris Coyier founded, authored, and oversaw CSS Tricks, a popular blog for learning programming and web development. The initial post on this programming blog was dedicated solely to the central concept of CSS. These days, it covers every facet of online design and development.

Here are some samples of what this blog may have to offer:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Frontend
  • Backend

What characteristics set this blog apart for coding in particular? The ability to look for coding and programming jobs on their career page is the main advantage of this website for programmers. On their website, which you may also access, you can engage with others and display your skills.

11. SoloLearn


The coding community with the fastest growth, SoloLearn, is used by over 22 million people worldwide to learn how to code.

Which subjects is this blog about programming covering? With this platform, you can learn more than ten programming languages for free. Among the posts in the collection are ones concerning

  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • JQuery
  •  C#,
  • Swift

What characteristics set this site’s code apart? This website’s main advantage is that it offers real-time support and the best user-generated content available. You may improve your coding skills by interacting with other programmers on their forums.

12. Golang Programs

Golang Programs

The Go programming language was created by the astute Google software engineers. Their performance is superior to that of most high-level programming languages. For this reason, programmers love adding Go to their tech stack.

If you are new to Go, this page will help you get started quickly. They have expert-written references as well as lecture programs that are suitable for beginners. Occasionally viewing examples and solutions to different challenges is an excellent way to learn how the Go programming language is utilized in real-world applications.

13. Reddit Programming

Reddit Programming

Reddit Programming is a well-known subreddit that over 3 million people use to find answers to all of their programming-related questions. If you want to learn programming for free and gain knowledge of the theory, structure, and syntax of computer languages, this is a great group to join.

Which programming-related topics is this blog covering?

This Reddit programming topic offers a variety of themes for learning programming, such as:

  • C+ programming
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PERL
  • Java and many more

What distinguishes this coding education platform?

It costs nothing to study and improve your programming skills with Reddit Programming’s resources. There are a ton of other programmers that you may connect with for learning and knowledge exchange.

14. David Walsh

David Walsh

This amazing blog about programming and web development is run by David Walsh, a senior web developer and front-end engineer at Mozilla, and is co-maintained by hundreds of other programming enthusiasts worldwide.

Which topics does this blog about programming cover?

These are some of the core concepts and areas of programming that David Walsh’s blog may teach you.

  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • Node.js, plus many other technologies

A number of coding and web development classes are accessible, and readers can ask questions and join debates in the blog’s comments section.

What features set this blog apart for coding education?

The nicest thing about using this site to learn how to code is that David teaches you the basics of the language through case studies and practical examples (you might learn how to create Twitter bots using Node.js, for example). Because of the author’s skill at reducing complex programming courses into manageable chunks, this site is a great resource for programmers.

15. W3Schools


W3Schools is an excellent source for beginner programming lessons. W3Schools offers extensive coverage of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery, along with recommendations and resources.

Since its launch in 1998, this website has been committed to simplifying the learning process. Tutorials progress from the basics to comprehensive technical references.

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It could be challenging to begin learning a programming language. The main objective of this post is to introduce you to the most interesting and top programming blogs.

Now is your chance to improve your skills and learn from these top blogs for programmers.

Remember that while each of these software development blogs offers a variety of programming courses, only a select few are well-liked and well-regarded.

All of these websites are nevertheless the best blogs for novice programmers.

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