Affiliate Booster Review: The Best Way to Boost Your Affiliate Earnings in 2024

Affiliate Booster Review: Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the appropriate product to a specific audience at the right moment. In addition, a good WordPress theme might increase your sales.

If you are looking for the greatest affiliate marketing theme, you have come to the correct place, my friend.

Today, in this piece, I will provide a full evaluation of affiliate booster, which is the best theme for affiliate marketers I have ever discovered.

Stay with me to the finish to learn everything about this in depth.

What Is Affiliate Booster?

What Is Affiliate Booster

Affiliate booster is a WordPress theme specifically created and built for affiliate marketers. I was hunting for the perfect theme for my affiliate sites, and I finally found it with the affiliate booster theme.

This is a relatively new subject in the marketplace. It was launched in June 2020. This theme was created and launched by Mr. Kulwant Nagi, a well-known affiliate marketing expert from India. He’s made a fortune via affiliate marketing.

He claims that Affiliate Booster is the result of his personal wants and sufferings as an affiliate marketer. Throughout his career as an affiliate marketer, he encountered numerous challenges and was unable to establish the ideal theme for affiliate marketers.

After all of his trials and tribulations, he launched this theme, which has every single feature that an affiliate marketer requires to build a profitable site.

Why choose the Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin?

I also had the following question in mind: why should I use the affiliate booster theme and plugin? Because it is a new product in the market, there are already popular themes available.

But I purchased it and tried it, and now I can tell you many reasons to choose affiliate booster over any other theme. Below you can check my purchase mail.

affiliate booster purchase invoice

As affiliate marketers, we always desire high conversions from our blogs, so we must focus on conversion optimisation, which is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing.

To increase conversion rates, we must present our review articles, list pieces, and comparative articles in a more professional manner.

Our evaluations should highlight both the positive and negative aspects of each item, as well as other helpful features like product comparisons, star ratings, video, and much more that are crucial for conversions.

Also, we require complete control over the tweaking of every aspect of our theme. Speed improvement, schema optimization, fast loading, and more.

All of these features are included with the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. Stay with me until the conclusion of this in-depth affiliate booster review to learn about all of these fantastic features.

I’ve been using it on this blog for a long time, therefore I think I’m the best person to tell you more about the affiliate booster theme.

So, without wasting time, let’s get deep into the affiliate booster review. 🙂

Affiliate Booster Theme Features

Now, let’s talk about the great features that you’ll find in the affiliate booster theme.

1. Ultra-Fast Loading

Site load time is a significant ranking factor. We need to optimize our website for web core vitals. This is designed such that it has no effect on the load time of your website.

Even though it is a lightweight theme, it will improve your site’s load time in the SERP.

Previously, I used the GeneratePress Premium theme on this blog. GP Premium is also a fantastic theme, but after switching to the affiliate booster theme, the speed increased.

You can view the images below after installing the affiliate booster theme. Site speed was tested using Page Speed Insight and Pingdom.


2. Schema Optimized

Schema Optimized

When it comes to website SEO, Schema is the most advanced component, and it is critical if you want to rank well in search results.

Schema Markup is a coding that you should include on your website to help search engines comprehend your content. That is why, in this day and age, having a schema optimized WordPress theme is essential.

Google’s Rich Results test tool indicates that the Affiliate Booster theme is qualified for favorable results.

3. Mobile Responsive

Mobile Friendly Test
Mobile-Friendly Test

We all know that consumers use mobile devices and smartphones more than laptops and computers. Google also prefers mobile-first indexing.

This means that having a mobile-friendly website is essential. And a mobile-friendly theme can make your entire website compatible with all mobile devices.

Affiliate booster theme is completely mobile friendly, providing the greatest experience for all mobile users.

It’s still a fresh theme, but they’re releasing regular updates to improve the user experience even more.

4. Page Builder is compatible.

The affiliate theme Booster is 100% compatible with all page builders, including thrive and elementor. This means you may use any page builder to generate and design blog entries and website pages.

Thrive Architect is one of the most well-known and effective page designers on the market. Thrive works excellent for creating landing pages and post designs. Even on this blog, I use thrive architect to create my homepage and landing pages.

The affiliate booster theme is compatible with Elementor and nearly all popular page builders, including Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder.

5. Easy customization

People without coding or technological abilities choose an easy drag-and-drop theme that can complete all tasks with a few clicks.

Affiliate booster is built so that you can easily comprehend each aspect of the theme within a few hours. I even personalized my entire site in 3 hours on the first try.

As a non-technical person, I can accomplish it. Then anyone could do it. It’s quite simple to personalize. You only need to spend some time learning its capabilities to achieve remarkable results with the affiliate booster theme.

6. AdSense-friendly

This is ideal not only for affiliate blogs, but also for AdSense blogs, as they include an ad placement part in the build.

This saves you a significant amount of time when placing advertisements. In affiliate booster, simply copy the adsense code and paste it into the advertising section.

The Affiliate Booster theme includes the following widgets for placing AdSense advertisements or any banner ads:

  • Above Title Ads
  • Below Title Ads
  • Header Banner
  • After Content
  • Area Before Footer for advertising
  • Footer Column 1
  • Footer Column 2
  • Footer Column 3
  • Footer Column 4
  • Main Sidebar

Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

Now, let me show you my favorite feature of the affiliate booster theme. The affiliate booster plugin is the best feature of this theme. With this, you will receive an astonishing 20+ blocks to make your blog article more appealing and engaging.

I’ll share all of the blocks below. Let’s go through the blocks one by one.

Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons Block

With the affiliate booster plugin, you can present the pros and disadvantages of any product or service in an appealing manner. Check out the example below.


  • Best WordPress theme for blogger
  • Adsense friendly theme


  • no cons

Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

Now, let’s look at an AB comparison table example, which is ideal for writing a comparison post. It is best to display different items and services in a single table, complete with all of their characteristics and pricing.

Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

The call to action is really crucial. A good call to action can increase conversions for you. And the affiliate booster plugin will provide you with an attractive call to action block to increase conversions.

Just check out the example below.👇

Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

Affiliate Booster Single Product Block

If you want to highlight a specific product or service on your blog, this block is for you. This block allows you to exhibit a single product, including all of its characteristics, photos, pricing, and a link to purchase.

Check out the example below, where I show you the link whisper plugin information.

LinkWhisper Plugin For Internal Linking

Affiliate Booster Notification Block

This block allows you to show any special or highlighted notification to your readers in order to draw their attention to a certain section of your site.

Affiliate Booster Notification Block

Affiliate Booster Notice Block

Below is another notice box to highlight any specific content in your blog article. I’ve always included this notification block in my blog entries.

Check out the example below.

Affiliate Booster Notice Block

Affiliate Booster Button

The affiliate booster plugin also includes a button block that allows you to add buttons with various styles. Normally, Gutenberg will merely display a plain button with no consequences. However, affiliate booster allows you to modify your button to meet your own demands and requirements.

Just look at the following example:

Affiliate Booster Button

Affiliate Booster Top Pick block

This block is also great for producing list articles. With this, you may present your top three items and services in a visually appealing manner. And your readers will be drawn to it because of the design and features.

Check out the sample below, where I listed Thrive Architect.

Affiliate Booster Top Pick block

AB Star Rating Block

AB Star Rating Block

Ab star ratings allow you to include stars in your blog posts to showcase the rating of any product or service. Check out the example above.

AB Table of content

To add a table of content to a blog post using a standard WordPress editor, you will typically need to use a plugin. However, the affiliate booster theme includes a built-in content table.

In this post, I’m also using a table of content from the Affiliate Booster theme. Please refer to the table of contents above.

AB Good Bad

This excellent and bad column also highlights the advantages and benefits of any product or service in a unique way, using the call to action button.

It will increase the conversion of your entire blog content. Let’s look at the example below.

AB Good Bad

AB Icon List

The AB icon list will allow you to create visually appealing lists with various icons. You can make a list with any icons you want. Here are a few instances.

AB Dynamic Block

This dynamic block allows you to put several affiliate booster blocks in one dynamic block.

Check out the example below, where I chose one dynamic block and then added a list block, a notification block, and a call to action block.

AB Dynamic Block

AB Advance Coupons

This is the greatest block for working on a coupon article. You can include this block at the beginning of the article.

And this will provide readers with the coupon code. They will take advantage of the bargain using this coupon box.

Please see the sample below, where I have listed the hostinger coupon code.

AB Advance Coupons

AB Product Column

As illustrated below, the affiliate booster product column will allow you to promote numerous items at the same time, along with their features and prices.

Check out the example below.

AB Product Column

AB Coupon box

Here is another coupon box block. If you want a simple coupon box that include image, description and buying button then you can use this coupon box.

Otherwise for more you can use advance coupon box block. Below is the example of normal coupon box.

AB Coupon box

AB Progress Bar

As the name suggests, a progress bar can be used to display the progress of any product or service in your post.

AB Progress Bar

AB Conclusion

Finally, you can utilize a conclusion box to wrap up your post. It incorporates ratings, photos, headings, and other elements to create an appealing conclusion box for readers.

AB Conclusion

AB Product Table 1

The product block of the affiliate booster theme allows you to display items in a table with ratings, pricing, and other information.

Currently, affiliate booster provides three product tables that you may utilize in your blog posts. These product tables are really appealing and highly changeable.

AB Product Table 1

AB Product Table 2

Now let’s look at the second product table, which includes more advanced features.

AB Product Table 2

AB Product Table 3

Let’s look at product table 3 as an example.

AB Product Table 3

AB Top Pick Specs

With this block, you can highlight your top option from the list by displaying the badges at the top.

AB Top Pick Specs

This block allows you to highlight your top option from the list by displaying the badges at the top.

AB Single Product Pros & Cons

The single product pros and cons block is ideal for highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of any product, complete with a buy button and description.

Attractive and highly adaptable for review and comparative pieces. Check out the example below, where I explained the benefits and downsides of getting a response with a buying link.

Affiliate Booster Pricing:

The cost of the affiliate booster theme is considerably different. So be sure to read this part carefully.

Affiliate booster offers three distinct plans, each of which includes the option of purchasing a theme or the theme with affiliate booster plugin.

Let me tell you that without the affiliate booster plugin, the theme is worthless. So, my strong advise is to go with plugin + theme. I also purchased this. You may find price information below.

What Plan Should You Choose?

Now, after reviewing the three possible plans. You’ll be thinking about which plan to choose.

It completely relies on you. If you simply have one site and do not intend to add more affiliate blogs, a single site license is ideal for you.

Otherwise, the ideal plan is a 50-site license. If you have many blogs, this is the best option.

Affiliate Booster Home Page Layout Settings

You will not be able to see these choices if you do not have the Kirki plugin installed.

After installation, AffiliateBooster Theme offers multiple homepage layouts, which can be found in Customizer >> AffiliateBooster Theme Panel > Layouts >> Home Page Layout. Here’s how the settings will appear.

YouTube video

There are seven alternative layouts, and one is picked by default. To alter the layout, simply select one of the options from the menu, and your website will change immediately.

Watch this video for settings.

YouTube video

Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Booster

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, let us now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the affiliate booster theme.

The interesting thing is that I am using the affiliate boost pros and cons block to highlight its benefits and cons. 😀 😀


  • 100% Schema Optimised
  • Google SEO Score = 99
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Easy Customisation
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 6 Header Designs
  • 9 Homepage Designs
  • 5 Single Page Designs
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Typography Controls
  • Color Controls
  • Page Builder Compatible
  • Powerful Gutenberg Blocks
  • FREE Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • Adsense Friendly


  • Required improvement in mobile look
  • New in the market

FAQ’s of Affiliate Booster Theme

What is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is an excellent WordPress theme specifically built for affiliate websites.

What is Affiliate Booster Plugin?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress plugin that provides additional customization options through the use of several blocks.

What happens when Affiliate Booster Theme License expires?

You can continue to use it after the license expires. The only catch is that you will not receive regular updates if you do not renew your license.

Can we use the Affiliate Booster plugin on any theme?

Yes, you can use the affiliate booster plugin on any theme. Previously, I used the Affiliate Booster plugin with the GeneratePress premium theme. So there is no problem with that.

Is the Plugin Schema compatible?

Yes, the affiliate booster theme is 100% schema-optimized.

Moving On To You

So, is purchasing an Affiliate Booster Theme worthwhile?

The answer is” 100% Yes”.

I have been searching for this theme for a very long time. I can use a ton of block choices with this, replacing the labor of thrive and other page builders.

This theme is also quite fantastic for AdSense websites. It will come with an option for pre-built ad placement.

All things considered, this theme is ideal for bloggers and marketers at a fair price. To advance your blog, get your copy as soon as possible.

Please feel free to share this affiliate booster review on social media and with your friends if you find it appealing. Your encouragement to share our content encourages us to work harder and create higher-quality material for you. 🙂

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